LED Module Spot Lights

LED light modules are used as a replacement for LED bulbs. The function of LED lights is to use light-emitting diodes. LED module spot lights produced by China LED ceiling spot light manufacturer. LED modules for spotlights and downlights, new chip-on-board modules with the best temperature performance for maximum efficiency.

Spot light ceiling LED module spotlights can be matched with a full range of 19 lighting fixtures, and only one COB module spotlight can be installed for various projects. These lighting fixtures also fit your GU10/M16 spotlights. From general lighting standards to high-end commercial lighting standards, module LED spot light ceiling meets your different requirements.

LED module spotlight color rendering index>80, no stroboscopic drive. Ceiling light spot LED modular spotlights consume very little energy, they have a super-converged beam, and they are also safer, reducing the risk of burning or electrocution and burns.