Commercial Downlight

Commercial Downlights are generally installed on the perimeter ceilings of hotels, shopping malls, and museums, and are widely used in different types of projects. LED light downlights are very popular in the lighting market, especially we use LED as the light source, which is more energy-saving and cost-saving.

The LED downlight spot light features a high-quality aluminum body with a smooth white finish, and the aluminum reflector is UV-resistant. The aluminum housing equipped with heat dissipation makes the tube dissipate heat faster and provides better protection for the COB chip, making it last longer.

Interested in natural light LED downlights, 20w COB LED downlight ceiling spot light, and more? Looking for different ceiling spot light wattages and ceiling spot light sizes? As an experienced LED ceiling spot light manufacturer, we can provide COB downlights in warm white, neutral white, and cool white with a color rendering index >80, you can choose the right color temperature according to your specific project.