LED Workspace Light

Gimbal COB LED Downlight & COB LED Ceiling Spot Light


COB stands for Chip-on-Board and refers to the direct contact mounting of a bare LED chip with a substrate (such as silicon carbide or sapphire) to produce an LED array. COB LEDs are basically the manufacture of multiple LED chips directly bonded to a substrate to form a single module.

The gimbal design of the COB 110V 5W led ceiling light downlight allows you to illuminate the wall accordingly. COB LED downlight light fittings and 5W COB LED ceiling light downlight cool white can be installed in your home and also can be used in hotel, and shopping mall projects, widely used in different types of projects.

The Rayven COB LED ceiling downlight light features an ultra-thin design to provide better light output and anti-glare. LED light downlight replacement is important in your life. Choose the color temperature according to your project, Rayven can provide COB downlights in warm white, neutral white, and cool white types with a color rendering index >80 and perfect compatibility with your local thyristor dimmer.