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What is the LED track lamp installation method?

by:Rayven     2020-04-03
This watch you need to pack several to shoot the light, thread left a few. Usually a thread to a track, track specification is 1 m, 1. 5 m, 2 m three, according to track the number of length decided to shoot the light. The rail connected directly to the electricity fixed to the wall, and then put the lamp directly card in, the clamp on both sides of the mix it in place. installation method 1, take out the , to connect the power cord, set aside the location of the connection. 2, on the top of the ceiling to locate punched, track light access the power cord and insulating tape wrapped. 3, use a screwdriver twist screws to fix shoots the lamp with the tracks. 4, adjust the direction of track light irradiation, the bulb installation is complete. 5, this time, open the light bulb, see the light effect. 6. Wall to avoid in the process of device use hand to touch the lamp appearance: prevent device in heat source place, place with corrosive gas, the device in the above, will affect the led downlights stature: device in no sensation, there is no local shaking, of course, that the local is there any danger of fire. 7. Device led downlights, detail contains trajectory, the device on the trajectory of lamp holder, fixed on the base of the lamp holder, the device of the LED inside the lamp holder, it tracks have two conducting strip at the top of the set inside, at the bottom of the track has a long strip of groove type slot; The top of the lamp holder to the top of the roof, roof of two elastic terminal has swelled; Lamp holder roof in trajectory within it, the two elastic terminal of roof separation and described trajectory within the second conductive slice of touch. Utility model lamp holder can be directly embedded within the trajectory, make the lamp holder can be lateral movement in order to adjust the lamp projection orientation, comparing the traditional lighting with small size, less power consumption, high luminous power, can be convenient to adjust and mobile location advantage. Mastered the above three device considerations and device to device LED guide light becomes very simple, consumer is in when choosing LED guide light must choose a good LED track light.
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