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What is the disinfection principle of ultraviolet lamp?

What is the disinfection principle of ultraviolet lamp?


As a result of the impact of a Novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP), many people have learned that ultraviolet lamp can help to kill bacteria, help prevent a novel coronavirus. Ultraviolet lamp disinfection is a kind of lamp that contains antiseptic effect, at the same time ultraviolet lamp also is a kind of broad spectrum class antiseptic way, so how is ultraviolet lamp antiseptic? What does ultraviolet lamp have disinfect principle?

ultraviolet lamp 

The disinfection principle of ultraviolet lamp

1. The principle of ultraviolet disinfection: ultraviolet irradiation can lead to the photolysis and denaturation of bacteria proteins, and the destruction and death of amino acids, nucleic acids and enzymes of bacteria. At the same time, the ultraviolet ray through the air, the oxygen in the air ionized to produce ozone, strengthened the bactericidal effect.

2. Disinfection method of ultraviolet ray is mostly used for disinfection of air and object surface, the wavelength is 200~275nm. Used for air disinfection, the effective distance is no more than Zm, the irradiation time is 30~60min, used for disinfection of articles, the effective distance is 25~60cm, the irradiation time is 20 ~ 30min, the timing starts from 5~ 7min when the lamp is on (the lamp needs to warm up for a certain time, to make the oxygen ionization in the air to produce ozone).

3. Ultraviolet disinfection measures because we are used to air disinfection is ultraviolet irradiation, so we must first ensure that the lamp tube intact and correct use, and at the same time to regularly monitor the lamp tube, the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp tube is lower than 70uwc line should be replaced in time. 

Should maintain the cleanness of lamp tube, lamp tube surface every every 1~2 weeks USES alcohol cotton ball to try gently, remove dirt and oily dirty, in order to reduce the factor that affects ultraviolet ray penetrability.

How long does the ultraviolet lamp shine properly

According to the need of different people with the group of inconsistent nature, ultraviolet phototherapy equipment is certain damage to the skin, so in the time of irradiation can not be too long, the best case is not to be able to direct irradiation.

1. According to the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet light source, the required irradiation time can be calculated. With irradiation intensity for 70, for example, w. s/cm of the surface of the uv disinfector close exposure surfaces, choosing the irradiation dose of 100000 w. s/cm, requires the irradiation time is: 100000 w. s/cm present 70 w/cm = 1429 s present 60 s ≌ 24 min. 

2. Ultraviolet lamp is mainly used for disinfection. Prolonged close irradiation will cause burns to the skin and eyes. You can enter the room 15-20 minutes after irradiation.

The role of ultraviolet disinfection lamp

1. The role of ultraviolet disinfection lamp, mainly can be used for the family of indoor sterilization. For example, if the home has leukemia and other severe patients, their living needs a relatively sterile environment, the need to buy an ultraviolet disinfection lamp to sterilize the home. 

2. But certain classics will ultraviolet disinfection lamp, and the floodlight of general household differentiates, when using ultraviolet lamp disinfection, should accomplish careful and careful, avoid skin, eye and ultraviolet radiation direct contact as far as possible.

Advantages of ultraviolet lamp

1. Ultraviolet lamp high efficiency sterilization: the use of ultraviolet to bacteria, virus sterilization generally in one to two seconds can reach 99%-99.9% of the sterilization rate.

2. Ultraviolet lamp highly effective bactericidal broad-spectrum: the ultraviolet bactericidal broad-spectrum is the highest, it can kill almost all bacteria, viruses with high efficiency.

3. Ultraviolet lamp without secondary pollution: ultraviolet sterilization does not add any chemical agents, so it will not cause secondary pollution to the water and the surrounding environment. It doesn't change anything in the water.

4. Ultraviolet lamp operation safety, reliable: traditional disinfection technology such as the use of chloride or ozone, its disinfectant itself is a highly toxic, flammable substances. The ultraviolet disinfection system does not exist such security risks.

5. Ultraviolet lamp operation and maintenance costs are low: ultraviolet sterilization equipment occupies a small area, the requirements of the structure is simple, so the total investment is less. Operating costs are also low, at the kiloton water treatment level, it costs only half as much as chlorine disinfection.

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