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What is the difference between the LED lamp and LED tube light?

by:Rayven     2020-04-02
What is the difference between the commercial ceiling lamps and led downlight? commercial ceiling lamps manufacturers on the LED tube lights and LED shoot the lamp to a lot of people are confused, I don't know what is the difference between the two types of lamps and lanterns, what is the position of to apply to household, and the effect of the application. Canister light, simple says, is a kind of relative to the general with the lamps and lanterns is more concentrated sex of lamps and lanterns, is generally used for general lighting or assist illume; The lamps and lanterns of shoot the light is a highly concentrated, its light is a specific goal. Mainly used for special lighting, for example to emphasize a very tasty or is a very interesting place. The difference between the commercial ceiling lamps and LED downlight difference between a - — Different light source in general, canister light internal installation energy-saving lamps or incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp when loading is yellow light, energy-saving lamps when loading is white, and the direction of the light source is fixed cannot adjust, shoot the light is with quartz bulb or lamp beads as light source, and relatively canister light, shoot the light source direction can be adjusted. The difference between two - — Different tube light is commonly used in home outfit of adjuvant or general illumination, the light is soft and comfortable, decorate canister light also need to consider the spacing and uniformity of lamps and lanterns, and shoot the light is usually used to highlight a particular object, have the effect of stress, can make an object, have qualitative feeling more, usually used in commercial stores or exhibition area. The difference between three - — Effect of different tube lights all light are cast down, belong to the direct light distribution, can increase the space of the light is soft, build sweet feeling, but the effect is not change, and shoot the light is different, shoot the light is a typical advocate the lamp, in a nutshell is the wuding scale modern genre of lighting, if a row of small shoot the light, can make the light change of different wonderful designs, and its small shoot the light also can free transform Angle, a different lighting effect.
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