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What is the application of LED track lamp field?

by:Rayven     2020-03-23
The application of commercial ceiling lamps and what is the area of use. Position of guide rail to shoot the light, illuminate the direction can be flexible adjustment of significant features, makes it has remained in the shop lighting proud posture. Store product display often need to be updated, guide rail can shoot the lamp to better fit their lighting needs. Clothing store in the application of the commercial ceiling lamps, window display and clothing display area common rail do accent lighting to shoot the light, in order to highlight the simple sense of fashion. Guide in the furniture store to shoot the light is also looked up everywhere, especially in the furniture exhibit. In the auto 4 s shops below area, there are guide to shoot the light. In commercial lighting, guide to shoot the light is everywhere, everywhere plays an important role, rail lamp has composed and elegant appearance, as metal halide light source color rendering, nearly perfect light color saturation, accurate beam Angle, the prominent object has a more perfect effect, material and color in the clothing store, furniture stores, restaurant chain, showrooms, museums and other places of lighting 'no shop does not enter the'. commercial ceiling lamps according to difference of LED chips encapsulation structure, by a single star 1 w or 1-3 w high-power lamp bead, representatives of this product on guangdong, zhejiang and jiangsu. There is a call integrated track shoot the light, the orbital lamp generally USES integrated chip or COB light source, add optical reflectors, form a condenser. Track shoot the lamp to be more than one of such as it has save electricity, calorific value, less damage to illuminate things less, the price is not high. LED track lamp base is the action of light, it's much more than the average light a track, flexible in direction, so more convenience. In large gatherings, sell is widely used in production. Other function about track light is flexible, the key is to look at your purpose.
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