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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the LED track light?

by:Rayven     2020-03-26
LED track light, as the name implies, is the LED light source lamp. It is a kind of track lamp, widely used in shopping mall, Clothing store, furniture store brand stores) , cars, jewelry, star hotel, brand clothing, upscale clubs, cultural relics exhibition hall, chain stores, brand business hall, professional window, loading and other accent lighting places. Now on the market of track lamp is more and more, exactly the trajectory lamp's good, let me be uncovered the mystery for us. The advantages of LED track light: strengths: just we know the LED track light is LED light source, its characteristic is the calorific value is small, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, the color is more pure than other lamps, light power is high also, no mercury and other harmful substances, is a kind of healthy environmental protection light source. Strengths: LED track light larger strengths is energy-saving, under the same brightness, commercial ceiling lamps power consumption need general metal halide trajectory of 40% only 60%; White LED power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp of a quarter. Is the degree of energy saving is how strong. Three strengths: of course we care about is the lamp of the life of the problem, and in fact you need not worry completely, because its life can reach more than hundreds of hours; Track and general metal halide lamp life in 8000 hours, have far beyond the several times, so you don't have any reason to worry. Strengths: four LED track light usually use 220 v dc power supply, low calorific value, no thermal radiation, cold light source, can safely touch, and precise manipulation of light and luminous point of view, light color and soft, no glare; No matter that can damage health. Built-in microprocessor system can control luminous intensity, luminous pattern adjustment, to achieve the perfect combination of light and art. LED track light drawback: a disadvantage: leds is now on the market price is relatively expensive lamp, a lot of people for a while can't accept this price, for those of us who use less. But long term, the LED is still cheaper, trust LED track light is more and more popular in the near future.
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