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What are the installation items LED guide to shoot the light?

by:Rayven     2020-03-13
Buy back after the commercial ceiling lamps, don't busy installation, should look at the product specifications, and according to the requirements of the instructions for installation, so we could avoid some unnecessary trouble. commercial ceiling lamps installation matters first, light source parameters offered by symbol timing regular inspection of the products of various parameters and their components, to prevent potential safety problems, cause needless loss. Second, cleaning, maintenance should be paid attention to when don't change the structure of the LED track light products, don't literally change the parts according to his be fond of, at the end of the cleaning maintenance, the lamps and lanterns is installed according to the sample, don't packing, wrong loading caused by some careless mistakes. Third, the use of maintenance should be strengthened, can prolong the service life of the track light. Often use a cloth to wipe, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion, lest after a long time, the phenomenon of the corrosion damage or leakage short circuit. Fourth, do not frequently switch as far as possible, because the track light at the instant of the frequent start, usually open when the current is greater than the normal work of current, makes a dramatic increase in the temperature of track light to accelerate the sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life, so try to minimize the switch of lamps and lanterns. Fifth, damp easily lead to track lamp parts rust, rub off, we should prevent moisture intrusion, avoid corrosion damage or leakage short circuit. Sixth, commercial ceiling lamps good don't wash with water, as long as can wipe with dry dishcloth touchs water, if accidentally run into water to dry, don't immediately with a damp cloth to wipe after turn on the light.
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