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What are the considerations LED track lamp device?

by:Rayven     2020-03-27
LED track lamp unit 3 pay attention to matters of LED track lamp as an important magic weapon store boss lighting, has been widely used in shop boss lighting category, there is always some problems, but when the device small make up today for our Shared LED track lamp device three attention to matters. commercial ceiling lamps, including the trajectory, device on the trajectory of lamp holder, fixed on the base of the lamp holder, the device in the LED light source inside the lamp holder, it is within the trajectory at the top of the set has two or three conductive film, at the bottom of the track has a long strip of groove type slot; The top of the lamp holder to the top of the roof, roof of two elastic terminal has swelled; Within the roof in place it is track lamp holder, roof of two elastic terminal trajectory described respectively with the second conductive contact. In LED track lamp installation should pay attention to the following three points: one, must cut off power supply first, in the process of the device wall free use hand to touch the surface of the lamp. Second, to prevent the device in the heat source with corrosive gas, device in the above, will influence in the life of the LED track light. Three, the device to no sensation, no local shaking, and of course have to determine the local fire hidden trouble. LED track light is mainly commercial use, can be used in a clothing store, jewelry shops, galleries, art gallery light some commercial sites, used as a light clothes, jewelry, paintings, works of art, etc, at the museum of store boss, lighting, lighting and other commercial lighting category has been widely used.
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