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What are the characteristics of LED to shoot the light?

by:Rayven     2020-03-29
LED to shoot the light difference between tube light is a kind of relative to the general transparent dress is more concentrated sex of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, is generally used for general lighting or assist illume. The lamps and lanterns of shoot the light is a highly concentrated, its light shine is to specify a particular goal. Mainly used for special lighting, for example a very tasty or local is quite interesting. Like flashlight, LED to shoot the light of the purpose is for the use of outdoor. Indoor use also has, due to different varieties, so have different purposes. The LED lamp USES the metal materials with good heat dissipation performance; Choose all kinds of high brightness commercial ceiling lamps, after testing, aging combination; Can use 3 continuously. 50000 hours; Power: 1. 8 w, 3。 5 w, 4 w ( Can you choose) ; Using the voltage of DC/AC12V, 24 v, 110/220 v. Save electricity: shoot the light reflectors have strong refraction function, about 10 watts of power can produce a strong light. Spotlight: concentrated light, can point to highlight or focus on a certain object or space, adornment effect is significant. Comfortable: color close to natural light that shoots the light, the light reflection to metope, not out there. Change: can use a small bulb project make a different effect. Under the shining light. Above can be installed in the ceiling, the head of a bed, ambry, also can hang, fall to the ground, impending, divided into two types, the Tibetan and half Tibetan. Shining under the light of the characteristics is made local shine and comfortable scattering light from top to bottom, the light source is folded inside the chimney, its modelling is under light pipe, sleeve down under the light, the flower pot type lamp, concave groove under the pictures under the lamp and wall lamp and so on, can be put in the porch, sitting room, bedroom, respectively. For example the TV near to a light green porcelain under the hood as wall lamp, already substantial content clearly and do not affect to watch TV. Sculpture modelling photo set one sleeve in light above, people's view to art, can be easy to taste. Choose light, wattage shoulds not be too big, is only light, can't create glare. Shoot the light rail. Mostly made of metal coating or ceramic materials, a pure white, cream-colored, shallow ash, such as gold, silver, black color; Have long, rounded appearance, size size. Shoot the light beam projection, can focus on a painting, a sculpture, a potted flower, a fine decoration, etc. , can also according to swivel chair in the bedroom host sitting back and create a colorful and verve strange shadows. Can be used in the living room, porch, or bedroom, study.
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