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What are the advantages of LED track light?

by:Rayven     2020-04-03
LED track light, is a kind of use of emitting light source for led downlights, has been called is LED track light, since LED track light appear on the market, people are constantly research and development and design of LED track light, not just from its appearance on modelling, but also from its practical function for production, therefore, LED track light is often used by people to shopping malls, jewelry stores, hotels, clothing and so on local lighting. 1 the advantages of led downlights, LED track light use of LED as its main light source for producing kinds of lamps and lanterns, the LED light source is a kind of cold light source, more environmental protection, the LED light no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, the lamps and lanterns after use will not pose a threat to the environment, it is pure light, at the time of irradiation no stroboscopic, high light efficiency, radiation effect is good. 2, LED track light and a very important characteristic, that is very energy efficient. , as we all know, is a kind of using leds to produce the lamps and lanterns, the led light source is a more energy efficient light source, led light source is a relatively new type of light source type, environmental protection and energy saving, compared with the general track light, has the very high energy saving effect, energy saving effect is obvious.
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