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Track light installation need to pay attention to what issues?

by:Rayven     2020-03-15
commercial ceiling lamps installation need to know about item 1, shoot the light to load the orbits the right place, pay attention to the track and the connection of lamps and lanterns is suitable, the three loop track with three quick-release connector/single loop track with a single loop interchange. 2, rail tracks with quick-release connector that shoots the light fittings, there is a certain direction: three loop track grooves, and the corresponding connection on a convex block, when installation, pay attention to the joint. 3, orbital lamp installed orbit after the location of the project according to the target, adjust track shoot the lamp to be horizontal and vertical angles, guaranteed orbit to shoot the light can be according to the project efficiently. 1. Before installing must cut off power supply first, during the installation process do not use hand to touch the surface of it. 2. In the process of installation, to avoid installed in heat source, or the place with corrosive gas, because these places will influence in the life of the LED track light. Install where no shaking, intense sensation, also check if there is any danger of fire. 3. Device commercial ceiling lamps in detail, including track, fixed on the base of the lamp holder, plant in the lamp holder, device on the trajectory in the LED inside the lamp holder, trajectory has two conductive film, the top of the set inside the top of the lamp holder for a roof, in the bottom of the track has a long strip of groove type slot, the top of the roof has raised two elastic terminal, lamp holder roof in trajectory within it, the two elastic terminal of roof separation and described trajectory within the second conductive touch.
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