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Three secret action LED track lamp installation steps

by:Rayven     2020-03-16
Release date: 2018 05 - Source: http://www. gvanl。 com/news/35。 HTML commercial ceiling lamps action three secret installation steps LED track lamp, LED track lamp is very important in many places and marketing lighting tools, in many shops have the effect of lighting or decoration, market demand is big, problem and installation problems with, so today the three big secret of action LED track lamp installation considerations. Then look at the commercial ceiling lamps installation steps. LED track lamp, including orbit, installed in the lamp holder on the tracks, fixed on the base of the lamp holder, installed in the LED light source inside the lamp holder, it is in orbit at the top of the set has two or three conductive film, at the bottom of the orbit has a long strip of groove type slot; The top of the lamp holder to the top of the roof, roof of two elastic terminal has swelled; Lamp holder of the roof in place it is in orbit, the two elastic terminal of roof described respectively with two conductive contact in the orbit. Utility model lamp holder can be directly embedded in orbit, make the lamp holder can be lateral movement in order to adjust the light projection position, compared with the traditional lighting with small size, less power consumption, high luminous efficiency, easy to adjust, and the advantages of mobile location. When we install the LED track light should be paid attention to the following three points: one, must cut off power supply first, during the installation process wall without using hands to touch the surface of the lamp. Second, avoid installation in heat source place, with corrosive gas, installed in the above, will influence in the life of the LED track light. Third, installed on no vibration, no swing, of course, determine the place have the fire hidden trouble. commercial ceiling lamps is targeted at commercial lighting orbit, commodity exhibition designed LED lamps, a new design of the orbit of adjustable high quality LED light source, the spectrum is pure, rich colors, environmental protection and energy saving; Aluminum alloy shell, light and easy, beautiful and easy; Perfect combination and lamps and lanterns, high power transformer, power, more outstanding the elegant features. Relevant tags: LED track lamp, LED track lamp manufacturers, commercial ceiling lamps manufacturers,
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