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The LED track shoot the lamp to become one of the interior decoration of the selected lighting

by:Rayven     2020-03-25
The LED track shoot the lamp to become one of the interior decoration of the selected lighting. LED track lamp estimates that a lot of people is not very understanding, mainly because many families don't use during decorating in the home, in the life of commercial ceiling lamps is quite common, now many store decoration are used to get, it USES is the LED light source, spectral purity, colour diversity, energy conservation, environmental protection, beautiful and easy, then track shoot the lamp to be exactly what size, its installation process? commercial ceiling lamps light source used by generally fall into two kinds: one kind is MR16 lamp cup, one kind is G4 lamp bead. No matter what kind of LED to shoot the light, as long as the light source with light bulb is 12 v need to configure the transformer, track shoot the light is not installed may not know, it should be installed in the orbit above, matching the track contains voltage input, on both sides of the rail internal containing conductive metal strips, and track light a joint rotatable conductive copper, when installation, LED track lamp above the conductive copper comes into contact with the rail inside the conductive metal strip, can realize the track light electricity, light rail to shoot the light. LED track lamp can be decorated indoors anywhere can use, this LED track light color problems, more warm, and sensible heat. Is white, too dazzling. LED track lamp don't blindly believe in the brand, the choose and buy all kinds of brand I see, I sell for a period of time before the lamps and lanterns. Mainly for shops. Are cluster, so the light will be very obvious. Home of the city, I still very few. Don't sell once is for home. Seems to be only two kinds of color can choose, warm light or white light. The neutral light few manufacturers.
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