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The application of LED track lamp in family

by:Rayven     2020-03-16
Think that LED to shoot the light, can let the home becomes fashion, so the LED track lamp installed on the orbit, the characteristics of large is can adjust the Angle of the light, the light is focused on the key lighting. LED track lamp was originally as the place such as shopping malls, exhibition hall lighting, together the light is able to display local lighting, LED track lamp later appeared in the family space, adornment effect is accidentally harmony. The benefits of LED, LED track lamp used in home outfit a lamp belongs to shoot the lamp to the tracks. Like to shoot the light, LED track lamp can also play the role of build atmosphere and supplement the light. But the lamp has an obvious disadvantage, especially with the type of lamp and embedded to shoot the light, the two kinds of shoot the light, need to open hole on the ceiling installation, the position is unable to move. LED track lamp is completely don't have to worry about this problem, the reason for this is that the orbit has a hidden electric rail, electric rail track head position can be adjusted, if the amount of light is not enough or position is bad, can increase and move at any time. Previous LED track lamp by the previous metal halide light source, is gradually replaced by LED light source, by contrast, the LED light source of LED track shoot the lamp to be more environmentally friendly and energy saving, now say the LED is LEDLED track shoot the lamp generally refers to the tracks. Second, commercial ceiling lamps in the use of domestic space some height lower house, is not suitable for installation is more complex and costly droplight, absorb dome light and slightly ordinary, lack of personality. Install LED track lamp won't produce the above problems, LED track lamp modelling is simple, with chilled temperament, formed a unique style, can adapt to a variety of decorate a style. Supplement TV setting wall light, LED track light irradiation on the wall, the diffuse reflection can reduce the photometric difference on the television screen, protect eyesight. Install LED track lamp in mensal upper part, gather light to make food look more delicious, appetite is big. In addition to the winter sunshine can bring happiness to people, there is on food according to the warm light. LED track lamp can also do the additional light source of the kitchen, in the case of not installed ark dome light, LED track lamp can be as an alternative, make the light immediate illuminate is on desk surface. Installed in the locker room, downy and bright light on the clothing, style immediately rise. The bathroom lamp installation is appropriate and when to look into the mirror will can't see because of the backlight. commercial ceiling lamps can adjust the irradiation Angle, meet the demand of different angles of lighting. Do old toilet restoring ancient ways, with golden light, very affectionate and taste. Warm prompt: LED light rail as local light, such as on the frame picture, it is important to note that illuminate Angle, Angle control is bad, people's eyes easily by the reflected light, produce vertigo.
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