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The application areas of LED to shoot the light place what are they?

by:Rayven     2020-03-21
As the saying goes, good market not good light, good price, good quality is better than that of LED track lamp is such a high cost performance so a star lighting lamps and lanterns, the commercial lighting lamps and lanterns of application and the lighting industry, has extensive application fields, application areas include, brand clothing stores, shoe stores, shopping malls supermarkets, restaurants, etc. , as shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. You can see our main application scenario involves the use of LED track lamp have what demand, to provide professional market with LED track lamp supporting the solution: now more and more in the application of the LED to shoot the light, brand stores in the pursuit of personalized style of decoration, creating personality is distinct, the image of the unique brand stores. The light of general clothing store is the warm color temperature is given priority to, use of cape bright lighting Angle adjustable tube light + track shoot the lamp to make sells innovative lighting environment. commercial ceiling lamps application scenario for the brand clothing store orbits lamp application scenario when shopping mall in brand clothing store, has been LED track lamp deeply attracted by the lights of the environment, concise and easy do not break delicate decorate a style, and the merchandising science -process design collocation of exquisite, already can't wait to go in selection of impulse. The layout of lamps and lanterns, distance and Angle of light beam requirements are very strict. The lamps and lanterns of professional design company with professional production companies to cooperate with perfect. commercial ceiling lamps decorate in the shops on the application of more sophisticated and important, a good design and decorate can give customers better experience, brings to the brand more good impression. So how should choose mall with commercial ceiling lamps, here recommend a solution: LED track lamp: 1, the appearance of the process: the lamp body is made of metal material which forming process and flame retardant PC material, metal material department through polishing, oxidation, paint processing, make have qualitative feeling smooth appearance. To improve the quality of products. 2, drive solutions: intelligent IC driver, cross flow constant voltage, overload protection, under-voltage protection, short circuit protection, drive solutions with built-in, shell adopts flame retardant PC material. 3, lamp beads and chip, chip brand: Taiwan wafer/three lights, lights, high photosynthetic efficiency and high refers to the COB lamp bead. 4, about other features: reflective cup anti-dazzle is used to accept design and multichannel diamond reflected light reflectivity is as high as 95% +, v-shaped light lens light transmittance of 95% + of imported PC material, precision injection molding to ensure the light spot is more round, light more even. Summary, the commercial ceiling lamps the uniqueness and advantages of orbit, through introducing the article above, is no doubt, small make up warm prompt, LED track lamp overall advantage is obvious, but when we choose in comprehensive consideration, advice, lighting furniture company with professional qualifications.
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