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The advantage of LED to shoot the light in the hotel industry

by:Rayven     2020-04-01
Before the hotel will be labeled as 'to save energy, please the door' helpful hints, but such a hint for the environmental protection consciousness of people, there is no return how much energy saving effect. Later through the guest room electrical system, implementation of mandatory room card to control room appliances and lighting equipment, has played a certain effect, but the new problem appeared, and frequent abnormal switch cause great damage to electrical and lighting lamps and lanterns, greatly reduce the service life of electrical appliances, in terms of lighting lamps and lanterns, the average life expectancy reduced about 20%, compared to the guest room card control system, the electricity to come down on the surface, but actually lamps and lanterns and the damage of the electrical appliances, as well as to the electrical maintenance and replacement cost, the bill as it is not much cheaper. The advantage of LED to shoot the light in the hotel industry to implement energy saving province electricity, really besides by the guest good environmental protection consciousness, is also must rely on high-tech energy-saving products. The ordinary energy-saving lamps, energy-saving space is limited, apart from the traditional fluorescent lamp containing toxic mercury pollution environment don't talk about, In fact we Chinese people say little concern for more and action on this) , from the aspects of energy saving, the traditional energy-saving lamp is not a good choice, under the same illumination, than the LED power consumption by more than 60%, according to shenzhen measurement quality inspection institute official contrast test report shows: the philips 18 w fluorescent lamp, the lamp power in 26 w, its 2 m of vertical illuminance is 37 lux, transparent cover and quite mechanical and electrical company 10 w LED fluorescent lamp, 2 meter vertical illuminance in 81. 3 lux, LED lamps and lanterns under the precondition of power was only about half of energy-saving lamps, vertical illuminance for 2 times as much; Under the condition of the same distance, also quite mechanical and electrical company 3 w/E27 LED bulb light compared with philips 8 w energy-saving lamp illumination is higher than 310% 351%. LED lights on energy saving effect is far higher than the international giant production of energy-saving lamps, of course, not all manufacturers of LED products can reach so high photosynthetic efficiency. Another common energy-saving lamps response speed slow, life is about 5000 - 8000 hours, not frequently open, otherwise the service life shortens greatly, use after a period of time, the brightness decreases obviously, tubes of two black and flicker phenomenon, is not conducive to use guest room, restaurant, lobby, essential ballasts with electromagnetic radiation, can produce 100 times per second, light and shade change, easy to cause the customer nervous, is not conducive to customer delight to enjoy. For star hotel, is not conducive to the hotel its image and the energy conservation, is unfavorable to the green hotel's application for assessment.
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