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Tall space indoor lighting needs what kind of LED tube light?

by:Rayven     2020-10-17
Airport terminals, hotels, large shopping center, logistics center and other space is a typical large space, namely the ceiling height is high, the large range of area. Against such a space, in the use of LED tube light, necessarily have exquisite, focused. So, how to choose the LED spotlights, to enable the tall space illumination on the ground? In the details. Tall space on behalf of the airport terminal sound floating photoelectric project of xuzhou guanyin airport tall space on behalf of the airport terminal jiaodong Qingdao airport terminal high power, high photosynthetic efficiency, to ensure that the intensity of illumination of the ground in high space project, smallpox ground height are big, the height is very high ( More than 10 meters) , under such circumstances, to ensure that the ground of illuminance value up to standards, required to install on the smallpox of LED tube light, power must be large. To sound floating photoelectric undertaking of xuzhou guanyin airport project as an example, the central hall of the airport terminal is the structure of the hyperbolic variable diameter, the smallpox of minimum area ground have the height of the 10 m, the highest for 20 m high off the ground. And smallpox ceiling lamps and lanterns of creativity is by 2000 different size, different direction of lamps and lanterns of triangle, with the brightness of the consistency of guanyin lotus petals, among them, the triangle of embedded LED tube light, Power to 60 w) Bear the burden of the direct lighting, to realize the whole smallpox condole carries on the functional lighting requirements. Sound floating photoelectric surface mounted LED downlight IF - IDL19080 series the smallpox of minimum area have the height of the 10 m distance from the ground, is of the highest distance on the ground for 20 m high to high to 60 w LED tube light is used to as the main lighting, it is because of the airport terminal smallpox condole top 10 m20m from the height of the ground for, select the 60 w LED tube light, the effective protection of the ground illumination ( Greater than or equal to 300 lx) 。 For heat conduction ability, good heat dissipation performance, on the other hand, want to maintain the high power LED downlight normal operation, to achieve a longer service life and its cooling system must be maintained at a high level. In addition, the LED tube light, heat conduction ability also have higher requirements, after all, the higher the heat conduction ability of lamps and lanterns, luminous efficiency can maintain at a high level, to ensure high space illumination standards. Sound photoelectric IF - IDL19080 series using heat transfer black HDT technology science and technology, the high pure copper tube directly with heat source, zero distance, the performance of the heat pipe play incisively and vividly, heat transfer speed in excess of the aluminum alloy heat sink, 200 times. In addition, the use of pure copper tube, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of up to 105 w/m - In the order of K, for general metal material hundreds of times and even thousands of times! In addition to the airport terminal, stadiums, exhibition halls, logistics center, opera and so on, belong to this kind of large space, to sum up, according to the height of the high space situation, choose the right LED tube light, more should choose the appropriate power LED downlight! Such as sound photoelectric lighting demonstration project of airport, only used for power, tie-in appropriate light distribution curve, can the other ground to conform to the illuminance standard, the light even ideal effect.

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