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Market with led track lamp supporting solution

by:Rayven     2020-03-19
Now commercial ceiling lamps used in the field of more and more, we can see the main scenarios involve the use of the brand clothing stores, shoe stores, shopping malls supermarkets, restaurants, etc. , then used as shopping malls, supermarkets: is there any requirement of commercial ceiling lamps? A shop, now more and more brands are in the pursuit of personalized style of decoration, build distinct personality and the image of the unique brand stores. The light of general clothing store is the warm color temperature is given priority to, use of cape bright lighting adjustable viewpoints canister light + track shoot the lamp to make the stores novel lighting environment. When shopping mall in brand clothing store, has been deeply attract LED track lights that shoots the light environment, concise and easy and do not break delicate adornment style, the route design of scientific deployment of exquisite products display, has to urgently in choice of impulse. The layout of lamps and lanterns, interval and beam Angle requirement is very strict. The lamps and lanterns of professional planning company with professional production company can cooperate with perfect. LED track lamp at the mall store decoration on the use of more sophisticated and important, outstanding planning and adornment to be able to give good customer experience, brand bring more good impression. That choice mall with the LED track shoot tip 1, the appearance of the process: the lamp body metal raw materials integrated molding process and flame retardant PC raw materials, metal materials department through polishing, oxidation, paint processing, make have qualitative feeling smooth appearance. To improve the quality of products. 2, drive plan: intelligent IC driver, cross flow constant voltage, overload, undervoltage maintenance maintenance, short circuit maintenance, use the built-in drive plan, shell choose flame retardant PC material. 3, lamp beads and chip, chip brand: Taiwan wafer/three lights, lights, selects the high photosynthetic efficiency, high refers to the COB lamp bead. 4, about other features: reflective cup choose anti-dazzle receive light reflectivity and multichannel diamond reflection plan for 95% +, v-shaped light lens chooses import PC data transmission rate of 95% +, precision injection molding to ensure that the light intensity is more round, light more even. Mall with LED track lamp solving plan, serve the customer experience, outstanding space lighting planning from the day and higher than day, create a more harmonious, good light environment.
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