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LED tube light on how to install?

by:Rayven     2020-03-20
Recent years LED tube light is basically a card buckles in the form of fixed, so the installation method is very simple, installed before the installation of tube light, are the main points to tell you know the size of the canister light needs to be installed and know corresponding condole top open hole size, and then let small make up to tell you tube lamp disassembling method. See how the LED downlight installed, take a look at what LED downlight manufacturer on tube lamp installed what matters need attention: led downlights installation note 1, open the barrel lamp should immediately check whether the product is in good condition after packaging. Appear non-artificial caused by faults in or specification requirements and will be returned back retailers or directly from manufacturer to replace. 2, cut off the power before installation, make sure the switch in the closed state, prevent to get an electric shock, lighting lighting, the surface of the hand do not touch the lamp. The lamp installation should be avoided in the heat source and thermal steam, corrosive gas, lest affect life span. 3, before use please confirm good applicable according to the number of power supply. Please note that when this product is limited to indoor use, outdoor waterproof before installation to ensure that the installation position can take 10 times the weight of the product. 4, product use the high pressure ( 110V/220V) Power lamp cup, unfavorable work under frequent power tong, it will affect their life. 5, and installed in no vibration, no swing, no fire hazard level ground, avoid high drop, hard object collisions, rap. 6, such as long-term outage, canister light should be stored in a cool, dry, clean environment, banned in damp, high temperature or storage and use of flammable and explosive place. LED tube light manufacturer warm prompt, canister light must pay attention to safety in the process of change, and the circuit connection to standardize oh, highlight, pay attention to safe use of electricity, really not line, can be installed professional canister light master door to door, please.
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