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LED tube light is made up of what parts?

by:Rayven     2020-03-28
From the Angle of the light body composition, use LED tube light has the several main parts chip, reflective cup, radiator, drive power supply, etc. Library small make up in this science to you about the lighting, LED tube light is composed of what are the components, how they affect the LED tube light, comprehensive performance. LED downlight parts part of LED downlight parts composed of reflective cup of reflective cup is bearing the weight of the secondary light distribution of LED lamps and lanterns, is a very important optical components, directly affects the effect of light a lamp. Do not add the lamps and lanterns of reflective cup or use transparent reflective cup ( In the majority with traditional lamps and lanterns) , is in fact no secondary light distribution effect, can directly see the light source, with strong sense of dazzling, and illuminate the object will have the problem of local weak, or light transmittance is low, etc. LED tube light, on the design of the reflective glass is extraordinarily chic. The smooth inner surface reflective cup + anti-dazzle ring design, improve the utilization rate of luminous flux. These two overlapping of the light can get ideal light use, light is very beautiful, the light even, without Huang Yun stray light. Plus anti-dazzle facing adoption of a new generation of nano coating technology, make black drill tube lamp gives light effect even the gentle at the same time, also has wonderful anti-dazzle 'depth' function. LED downlight parts of light source for chip LED chip of the LED lamps and lanterns, and the chips of different brand, price and quality are of great differences. Generally speaking, the career in the United States ( CREE) Represented by the chip is optimal, and Taiwan and domestic chip. Why choose lamps and lanterns good chip? Because it determines whether a lamp with high light efficiency, high color rendering index, junction temperature higher advantage. In the light, it is often the chip. And inferior chip, is bound to be affecting the service life of lamps and lanterns. If your new lamp always needs to 'change' one year, that means poor chip, or used for the traditional light source. Drive power drive power of LED downlight parts composition was a key factor dominate life of lamps and lanterns. Many later for scrap itself of lamps and lanterns of lamps in the body seems to be 'can't find the reasons', but actually problem could be out on the driving power. Bad driving power within the electrolyte will over time, the influence of heat and continue to a large number of volatile, ahead of the lamps and lanterns of premature aging. LED tube light, drive power well beyond this level, shall be for the external power supply ( The built-in power supply) , is separated from the light body, high temperature resistant, electrolysis of 105 electrolysis ( Can work continuously in the temperature of the 105 8000 hours) , the life expectancy of 4 times of that of the normal power supply. Have so of drive power supply, really do not have to worry about buy lamp bad quickly. LED downlight parts of the radiator in the process of lamps and lanterns has been open, will produce a lot of heat, if not in time, light volume of heat, can damage the LED chip and parts, cause light failure phenomenon, shorten service life. This is the radiator tasks need to be solved - — Heat removal in a timely manner. Heat dissipation effect is ideal radiator on the market at present, mainly for the 'die casting' ( The box mould pressure out of the radiator) , and the integration of cold forging radiator ( Cold with a high pressure aluminum, for now a new generation of high quality heat dissipation technology) 。 This on the heat dissipation performance, up 30% than traditional split type radiator ( Achieve seamless docking between aluminum base plate and the radiator, heat conduction performance improved) To ensure the LED lamps and lanterns of longer life.
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