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LED tube light how to tear open come down to and how to install?

by:Rayven     2020-03-28
LED tube light is application of a new type of LED lighting light source on the basis of traditional tube light of the development of improved products, compared with traditional tube light has the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, long life, good color rendering and fast response. LED tube light, a design more beautiful light, installation to keep building decoration of the overall unity and perfect, does not destroy the set of lamps and lanterns, light hidden inside the building decoration, light source is not exposed, no glare, the visual effect of soft and uniform. LED tube light is usually a screw lamp holder, can be fitted with incandescent lamp or the lamps and lanterns of energy-saving lamp directly. is used long, failed this time should be how to change the maintenance? replacement maintenance method 1, for the replacement maintenance required tools, general maintenance of led tube lamp replacement of common tools are: electrical tape, one is the led downlight pliers, need little hand saw when necessary. 2, turn off the power button will light slowly, pay attention to the spring clip on the lights, see the press with finger after QuDeng down, if you don't pay attention to the spring, you straight down lamp holder will be circlip hurt, so be careful to dismantle the old bad . 3, and then unwrapped connection head first, change the lamp holder, drive, open the lamp switch if the light is not bright is drive failure can be determined, replace the drive. 4, turn off the light switch at this time, For the sake of safety) Good or turn off the total power supply, and then into the line through (the drive power Also can cut short) directly , and then remove the bad drive and then put the new drive power input section of the skin, two light thread skinning. 5, let one of the root drive power cord wrapped around the lamp on the power of one, Chaozhou both positive and negative), Tie up good, good electrical tape, another root connection same good tangle on electrical tape. 6, finishing, the electricity experiment, open open to turn off the lights lit, repeat the above steps if dawn but not replacement drive but change directly can!
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