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LED tube light advantage have?

by:Rayven     2020-03-31
LED tube light is particularly significant advantages and characteristics, is more and more popular with the market: the following is to introduce the LED tube light. led downlight advantage first, LED canister light starting performance is good, fast and reliable, only a millisecond response time, can achieve QuanGuangTong output. The second, LED canister light resistance to vibration, good climate resistance, long service life. Third, LED canister light high maintainability, LED light source can be composed of multiple sets of LED modules, LED canister light cavity can be composed of multiple sets of LED modules, noninterference, maintenance is convenient. Only when the power supply and light source, independent design, the damage there is something wrong with the replacement part, individual damage will not too much influence on the normal lighting, without the whole lamp replacement. Fourth, the LED downlight adaptable. LED downlight startup time problems, no electricity can be normal work immediately, without waiting for long time. Good light source color rendering, close to natural light, flexible, fast installation any Angle is adjustable, strong commonality and wide range of applications. Fifth, LED canister light color rendering index higher. National standard on this range of color rendering index requirements are Ra = 60, LED light source color rendering index is generally higher than the traditional light source. Under the current levels, led downlight, color rendering index can reach 70 to 85. LED tube light, advantage obviously, more popular with the customers, at present is mainly used in office lighting, home lighting, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places of lighting and lighting factory, broad development space.
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