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LED track light use and installation method

by:Rayven     2020-03-21
Accent lighting is an important way of lighting is commonly used in lighting design, has been widely used in commercial stores. Accent lighting USES the type of lamps and lanterns is the shoot the light, shoot the light, including embedded spotlights, with the lamp, grille lamp, guide to shoot the light. The first three lamp device fixed position, device, tedious assembly maintenance step. The purpose of the LED track light and adjustable guide lamp device status, disassembling complex, fast, become the one big characteristic, tomorrow, to talk about our guide to shoot the light. ﻪ ﻪ what track shoot ﻪ ﻪ shoot the light, is a directional light is strong, and the lamps and lanterns of highly concentrated, its photosynthetic efficiency secondary to an object, to emphasize the texture of the object, and can be used in lighting lighting, foil atmosphere. Guide rail lamp as shoot the lamp to be a member of the family, besides has the characteristics of shoot the light, the highlight is that need to plant in the common rail ( Three lines or four lines) , can be adjusted on the need of practical lighting lamps and lanterns in orbit. In terms of use, guide shoots the ordinary degree can be 355 °, 90 ° regulate the projection direction, vertical projection is very sensitive, is widely used in stores, restaurants, exhibition hall, museum and other places. ﻪ ﻪ LED track light classification ﻪ ﻪ categories down from a source, rare guide lamp: halogen guide to shoot the light, Rare 35 w / 50 w) , metal halide guide to shoot the light, Rare 35 w / 70 w / 150 w) , fluorescence guide to shoot the light, Will apply to the goods from the local museum) , LED four class guide to shoot the light. ﻪ ﻪ halogen guide lamp high color rendering index, evenness show that Ra can reach more than 95 ordinary, often used in restaurant chain, and various leisure places. ﻪ ﻪ metal halide guide beam lights high input, 35 W input flux of lamps and lanterns can reach 2700 lm, the whole lighting effect is higher than 70 lm/W) , uniform refers to ordinary higher than 80 ( Local metal halide light source color rendering index can be reached more than 90) , often used in the clothing shops, furniture stores, car exhibition hall and other places of business. ﻪ ﻪ fluorescent guide small lamp belongs to compare all the goods, will use to the local museum, do wash wall light. ﻪ ﻪ as LED technology in recent years, from time to time transformation, commercial ceiling lamps with its high photosynthetic efficiency, The whole lighting effect is higher than 80 lm/W) , high color rendering index ( Evenness show that Ra> 90). , energy conservation, environmental protection, more sensitive of modelling of lamps and lanterns of disadvantage, the rapid occupation of the commercial lighting market. LED track light, LED track light device installation way guide lamp device, demand on the ceiling to plant guide, in addition to the guide rail, guide rail to shoot the light, remove and feeder. There are two rare guide line guide rail, three line guide rail, and four wire guide rail type three varieties, a + type feeder head, T, I, L, and more varieties. ﻪ ﻪ guide way of device has the following three: the light body into orbit, stop adjustment can stop lighting. The use of LED track light ﻪ ﻪ guide lamp status, irradiation direction can be adjusted sensitive obvious characteristics, make its constantly maintained a proud attitude in the store lighting. Update the merchandising stores often demand, guide rail can shoot the lamp to better fit their lighting needs. Clothing store window display and clothing display area of the common rail lamp do accent lighting, in order to highlight the simple sense of fashion. Guide in the furniture store to shoot the light is also lowers the head can be seen everywhere, especially in the furniture show area. In the auto 4 s shops below area, there is still a guide to shoot the light. In commercial lighting, guide to shoot the light is everywhere, everywhere plays an important role, orbital lamp has composed and elegant appearance, as metal halide light source color rendering, almost full color saturation, accurate beam Angle, the prominent object has more perfect effect, material and color in the clothing store, furniture stores, restaurant chain, showrooms, museums and other places of lighting 'no shop does not enter the'.
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