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LED track lamp USES what is?

by:Rayven     2020-03-27
LED track shoot the light, is a directional light is strong, and high concentrations of lamps and lanterns, the photosynthetic efficiency first aimed at an object, but focus on the simple sense of objects, and can be used in lighting lighting, foil atmosphere. Guide track shoot the light, as a member of the shoot the clan, in addition to shoot the light of the characteristics, the highlight is that should be installed in the exclusive guideway ( Three lines or four lines) Can be adjusted according to the requirements of practical lighting lamps and lanterns, bearing on the track. commercial ceiling lamps use in applications, generally a guide to shoot the light can level 355 °, 90 ° to adjust the projection direction, vertical projection is very sensitive, are widely used in stores, restaurants, spreading the exhibition hall, museum and other places. Classification of LED track light from light source category, common rail lamp are: halogen guide to shoot the light, Common power 35 w / 50 w) , metal halide guide to shoot the light, Common power 35 w / 70 w / 150 w) , fluorescence guide to shoot the light, Part of the museum will use to the product) , LED four class guide to shoot the light. Halogen guide lamp high color rendering index, evenness show that Ra is generally can reach more than 95, is often used in restaurant chain, and various leisure places.
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