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LED track lamp installation method is what?

by:Rayven     2020-03-23
commercial ceiling lamps installation method 1, track light most of them are used shoot the light, but the problem is to shoot the light is very hot, after open the light source the light tone, not comfortable, so if not be the business premises, people who want to oneself the home daily use to choose carefully. 2, I think is a good way, track lamp droplight cooperation and common LED bulb lamp holder used, although not all chandeliers are applicable, but the most ordinary droplight can match, such as in the table above, I think this is also ask classmates wanted to know the content of the complete way, this is very good home lighting solution. Trajectory is divided into two lines, three lines, 3, 4 line, general home electric line is 2 lines, so buy track and other accessories, choose 2 line. 4, 'joint trajectory', is a wire connector, droplight, etc will be with it as usual andon the same device to the track. Track coupling is a device on the track, on the other side with general lamp line connection, consulting clear, pay attention to when buying some need to welding, for the sake of convenience, as far as possible choose device directly with the sort of, also want to move around the azimuth is convenient, the price a little more expensive. 5, the above said if use shoot the lamp to heat and glare, so also recommend our track light fittings another option, track light screw base or light line, also is directly to the accessory device to the track, on the other side screw on the light bulb. Lamp holder to reach and shoot the lamp to be similar, but also the exercise of ordinary light bulbs, also can use LED bulb is energy-saving, replacement and more easy. If use track lamp lights line, through adjusting the length of the lamp line, directly according to the lamp to be able to build a very has the characteristics of the action.
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