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LED track lamp device general droplight orbit

by:Rayven     2020-03-22
The orbit of commercial ceiling lamps device of general droplight method 1, track lights most used shoot the light, but the problem is very hot, after shoot the lamp to open light source the light tone, not comfortable, so if not management place, want to stable home use daily to choose. 2, I think a better approach is to track lamp droplight cooperation and common LED bulb lamp holder is used, although not all chandeliers are applicable, but the most ordinary droplight can allocate, for example, use the table top, I think this is also to ask classmates want to know the content of the complete method, it is actually very good home lighting solution. Trajectory is divided into two lines, three lines, 3, 4 line, general home electric line is 2 lines, so the track and other accessories, choose 2 line. 4, 'joint trajectory', is a kind of wire adapter, use it droplight, etc will be as usual on lamp installed to the same track. Joint trajectory is a head installed on the track, on the other side of linking to the general light line, to buy time consulting clear, some requirements of welding, for the sake of convenience, as far as possible choose installed directly with the sort of, want to move to position is convenient, the price is a little more expensive. 5, the above mentioned if use shoot the lamp to heat and glare, so also recommend our track lamp fittings another select, track light screw base or light line, also is the fittings installed directly to the track, on the other side screw on the light bulb. Lamp holder can achieve similar to shoot the lamp to the role of, and to be able to use the general light bulbs, also can use LED bulbs and energy saving, substitution and more easy. If use track lamp lights line, recuperated through cooperation, the length of light line directly according to the lamp to be able to build a very distinctive role.
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