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LED lamp and LED downlight use what's the difference?

by:Rayven     2020-04-01
commercial ceiling lamps and led downlight USES different has a strong effect of the two kinds of lamps and lanterns lighting. Differences between 1 of the LED lamp and LED downlight, use different LED tube lamp for general lighting lighting or auxiliary group, more concentrated than normal with the lamps and lanterns, and the lamp holder is fixed, the beam Angle is adjustable. The lamps and lanterns of commercial ceiling lamps is a highly concentrated, mainly used for special lighting, lay particular stress on decoration. Lamp holder can rotate, and can control the beam Angle to adjust the light spot size. led downlight manufacturer to teach you how to look at in detail below, to feel the lighting effect of two kinds of lamps and lanterns. Canister light light, soft and not dazzling. Shoot the light lighting lamp condenser is very strong, the light is relatively concentrated, lights on the wall, the sofa is very bright. 2, installation position and different led downlights is generally installed in the ceiling, and generally to keep the ceiling over 150 mm can only be installed, the external model also has, of course, but does not usually external devices. In the absence of dome light or droplight installation tube light is a good choice, relative to shoot the light wants downy light. Also seen on the Internet, however, does not need to condole top can also be installed tube light, a line can easily layout, of course, this is to look at the actual situation and different LED tube lamp factory products are different. The LED lamp with a rotary device way, hanging and embedded, etc, mainly installed on the ceiling or furniture around the upper, or placed on a wall, dado or play crural line. 3 is a major characteristic, adornment effect is different LED downlight can keep building decoration of the overall unity and perfect, will not damage because the set of lamps and lanterns of the art of condole top perfect and unified. Canister light do not occupy a space, can increase the softness of the space, if want to build warm feeling, can try to dress more tube lamp. commercial ceiling lamps used in demand with supplemental lighting highlight and performance, to highlight the aesthetic effect, administrative levels feeling, make atmosphere, focusing on the local lighting. For installation in TV wall, hang a picture, the place such as wall ornaments, lighting, strengthen the halo effect.
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