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LED lamp and LED downlight how to distinguish?

by:Rayven     2020-04-02
and , unlike absorb dome light, floor lamp, droplight, this can sometimes depend on the lamps and lanterns of 'face' stand out, tube lights and shoot the light always rely on the strength - — With pure light taste, have adornment effect. LED lamp and LED downlight on the distinguish method 1, from the definition and characteristics of difference within the tube light is a kind of embedded in the ceiling light beam type of lighting lamps and lanterns. Its feature is that it can keep building decoration of the overall unity and perfect, will not damage because the set of lamps and lanterns of the art of condole top perfect and unified. Canister light do not occupy a space, can increase the softness of the space, if want to build warm feeling, can try to dress more tube lamp. Canister light relative to the general with the lamps and lanterns is more concentrated, the light is more uniform, no dark space, suitable for basic lighting or assist illume, often used in corridor, bathroom, kitchen. And shoot the light is a kind of highly concentrated lamps and lanterns, small beam Angle, light has a strong expressive force, flexible Angle adjustable, can specify a particular target. Used to highlight the aesthetic effect, outstanding administrative levels feeling, make atmosphere, such as to emphasize a very tasty and very interesting place, can play a leading role to the overall lighting, and local lighting. 2 days, from the installation position difference between cylinder generally do not adjust the lamp light source direction, can only be fixed in one direction, can be evenly lit application place. Most of the canister light is built-in, only through the light show its existence, generally installed in the ceiling ceiling above 150 mm. Canister light, of course, also have external type, in the absence of dome light or droplight installed tube light is a choice, the light relative to shoot the light wants downy. Lamp is installed on the ceiling around the main upper or furniture, or inside the wall, above the dado or play crural line. Shoot the light source direction can be adjusted freely, according to the actual demand to adjust Angle, the key looked, prominent local. Shoot the lamp to be generally can be divided into orbit type, hanging and embedded, etc. If decorate condole top, then need to select top shoot the light, the lamps and lanterns appearance to match with domestic outfit style. Often applied to play light decoration, chest, bookcase, wine, ambry. 3, look from the price, some 3 - to you 10 wled canister light in 40 - the current market prices 100 yuan, more than 10 w led downlights is in commonly 100 yuan of above, the different shape and light source, of course, the price must be different, can be ruled out enterprise own open mold do appearance LED tube light, the price would be more expensive. Shoot the light will be relatively cheaper, 3 w MR16LED lamp in 20 yuan, also in the 40-5 w commercial ceiling lamps 50 yuan. 4, cone beam combination, in order to create perfect cloth lamp tube light for domestic space environment to provide comfortable soft lighting, the basis of cannot express master individual character and style. Shoot the lamp to be able to emphasize or master need to highlight the object, such as TV wall, hang a picture, accessories, etc. , can play a clean, clear spot, enhance the effect. Only tube light shoot the lamp to be combined together to create a bright and personality have both the lights of the environment. Household, often choose warm white or white color temperature, if there is a natural white, more of course, this is the time of day long white light. The characteristics of the warm white is sweet, is white is bright, the characteristics of household have dome light, droplight that advocate the lamp, also has a tube lamp, lamp, wall lamp, lamp with such auxiliary lighting lamps and lanterns, is white, warm white collocation is used. 5, when choosing tube lamp after a lot of friends is done in the basic decoration to lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, lamps and lanterns of choose and buy is installed after step. But if you want to use tube shoot the lamp to create the perfect lighting environment, advice in condole top stage began to choose and buy, ensure the installation is complete before cleaning to ensure clean and tidy the room and ceiling. The following table decoration progress chart for your reference. 6, about to install the LED tube light, LED lamp installation is more simple, and generally the installation work, also is a professional decoration company to do, need to focus on is the size of holes is commonly used in domestic outfit is 3 w or 5 w led downlight, 3 w hole is usually 7 - 9 cm, opening is usually 9-5 w - - - - - - 10 centimeters. That it should be noted that according to past experience, a lot of owner are go detour on hole size, hole open also small, artificial cost point, to increase, if the hole, the lamp is installed, only is gone, and buy, the effort, it is not a packet.
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