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Install the LED track lamp need to pay attention to what issues?

by:Rayven     2020-03-19
Tell you to install the LED track lamp needs. Before actually installing the LED track light, there are a lot of homework need to prepare, for example, the location, wiring, light color, power, etc. commercial ceiling lamps installation considerations, must cut off power supply first, during the installation process wall from using hand to touch the surface of the lamp. Second, avoid installation in heat source place, with corrosive gas, installed in the above, will influence in the life of the LED track light. Third, installed on no vibration, no swing, of course, determine the place have the fire hidden trouble. commercial ceiling lamps is targeted at commercial lighting orbit, commodity exhibition designed LED lamps, a new design of the orbit of adjustable high quality LED light source, the spectrum is pure, rich colors, environmental protection and energy saving; Aluminum alloy shell, light and easy, beautiful and easy; Perfect combination and lamps and lanterns, high power transformer, power, more outstanding the elegant features. Specialized manufacturer of LED track lamp light meal lighting, about 'LED guide lamp installation method and matters needing attention' is introduced to here, hope you can help to you. Install the LED track lamp method ( 1) See good instruction before installation, know well the characteristics of lamps and lanterns. ( 2) Shut off the main power supply, check the wiring and orbital, confirm the installation place of lamps and lanterns has been installed orbit. ( 3) If not installed orbit, first installed orbit. At the time of installation orbit to the wiring to the end of the track, then according to the manual steps to install good track. Set aside. ( 4) After installed orbit, in the end of the orbit close to the terminal load conductive head, be careful to screw down the screws. ( 5) The lamps and lanterns into the prepared the appropriate position of the orbit, pay attention to the track and the connection device of lamps and lanterns to match. Track and feeder machine fittings according to certain direction, along the direction of the installation, if the direction against the must be correct, cannot be forced. ( 6) Install lamps and lanterns, according to the projection of the location of the object the horizontal and vertical Angle of lamps and lanterns, cost of lamps and lanterns to ensure full exposure to the irradiation of location.
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