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How to use the LED tube lamp lighting to make restaurant?

by:Rayven     2020-03-17
Qiao made restaurant lighting LED tube light can affect not only the atmosphere of the restaurant itself, but also drive the customer dinner mood not two magic weapon. For restaurant lighting, reasonable selection of LED tube light, LED lamp, lamp etc lighting lamps and lanterns, and restaurant style appropriate to the lamp, talent better foil, expresses the concept of catering culture and personality. To the light and shade, bright and dark, real and virtual environment with moderation, light is the restaurant lighting the lamp design main points of the research problem, to see how to use opportunely led downlights make dining room lighting. A significant characteristic of LED tube lights, namely to the embodiment of the color. This can call color rendering, use a professional parameters to describe: color rendering index, symbol is Ra. Light source of high color rendering index of 100, the higher the index, the color performance better, according to the color of the object recovery degree is high. As for the color temperature of the restaurant, we usually see the lamps and lanterns manufacturer's label products will be labeled Ra> color rendering index; 90 ( r 9 > 50) And other similar labeling law, Ra> 90 will show the color rendering of the lamps and lanterns for R1 - R8 the 8 kinds of natural restoration degree is high, R9 & gt; 50 indicating the lamps and lanterns of red objects can have very good color restoration. The expression of dishes without auxiliary lights high color rendering index. Significantly greater than 90 color rendering index can reflect the quality of dishes, improve diner appetite, regardless of Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, lighting the lamp's quality is very important. Chinese restaurant claims 3000 - color temperature 3500 k, western restaurant claims 2700 - color temperature 3000k。 Want food looks better, so the color of the recovery is very important. About the restaurant, the selection and placement of lamps and lanterns, Chinese restaurant at the lamps and lanterns of lighting use mainly LED downlight and LED to shoot the light, commonly used in Angle and wide Angle beam Angle. Aisle is commonly used lamps and lanterns, and adjustable viewpoint is often used for washing wall, light decorations, and the main points of the Chinese restaurant lighting is commonly used lamps and lanterns, adjustable beam Angle mostly in Angle or narrow Angle, can accurately illuminate the orientation required for the desktop, key points of Chinese restaurant have desktop without lighting effect of the difference is very big, there was an obvious point lighting desktop, desktop can better express the food, with the diners. Restaurant lighting should also consider the partition of lighting, restaurant decoration material used, the deployment of direct and indirect light - Such as contact tube light of lamp chamfer, the reasonable application of color light and set the scene mode, the night lights adjustable scene mode, the lamps and lanterns of choose and restaurant, etc. On today's young people constantly pursue personalized, food industry and exploring the way forward in the trend, on how to use opportunely make restaurant lighting LED tube light, also means that the traditional meal by the test of large, restaurant LED tube light, commercial ceiling lamps, lamp tape, such as the use of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, lamp design placement will surely follow the basic train of thought, talent better retain customers.
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