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How to install LED track lamp?

by:Rayven     2020-03-14
Nowadays, a lot of people LED shoot the light is not very understanding, mainly because many families don't in the decoration in the home, but you will see in the mall or stores. , then, what are the size of LED track lamp, its installation process? And see it together: light source used in the commercial ceiling lamps is generally divided into two kinds of a MR16 lamp cup, one kind is G4 lamp bead. No matter how to shoot the light, as long as the light source with light bulb is 12 v configuration. commercial ceiling lamps without installation may not know, it should be installed in the orbit above, matching the track contains voltage input, on both sides of the rail internal containing conductive metal strips, and track light a joint rotatable conductive copper, the installation, the track light above conductive copper contact to track within the conductive metal strip, can realize the track light electricity, light rail lamps. Install the technique of LED track lamp, LED track light install lamps and lanterns is 1. Shut off the main power supply, please ensure the power supply is shut down, safety operation. 2. Check the wiring and orbit, confirm the installation lamps and lanterns has installed orbit, if not installed, installed at the first track. 3. Due to the track to bearing the weight of the lamps and lanterns of the installed for a long time, so the installation time pay attention to the strength and the degree of orbit, reliable guarantee. 4. Track after installation, at the end of track near the connection in conductive head. 5. Install wiring into orbit to meet dateline, pay attention to the twist lock screw. Second, the lamps and lanterns of LED track light into orbit right place, pay attention to the LED track and the connection device of lamps and lanterns are suitable, three loop track with three quick-release connector/single loop track with a single loop interchange. Orbit with quick-release connector fittings, there is a certain direction: three loop track grooves, and the corresponding connection on a convex block, when installation, pay attention to the joint. After three, lamps and lanterns of packed according to project target position, adjust the Angle of the horizontal and vertical lamps and lanterns, ensure lamps and lanterns can be according to the project efficiently.
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