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How to install four LED track lamp?

by:Rayven     2020-03-18
Install four commercial ceiling lamps method 1, 2. The rail is installed on the ceiling, Put track light in orbit 3, lamp have a contact at the bottom of the card, with 4 orbital overlap. Fix stuck. Installation method that shoots the light rail lamp including orbits, installation on the orbit of the lamp holder, fixed on the base of the lamp holder, installed in the lamp inside the lamp holder, it is in orbit at the top of the set has two conductive film, at the bottom of the track to shoot the light rail has a long strip of groove type slot, installation way ( Orbit) , if the roof directly for wood or iron keel can directly nailing, punch a hole on the slide can be directly installed, remember that in order to beautiful, hit a hole in the junction box first to introduce the power cord in the roof. Lamp holder for the top of the roof to the top of the roof has raised two elastic terminal, rail shoots the lamp holder of the roof in place it is in orbit, the two elastic terminal of roof of track described respectively with two conductive contact. Utility model lamp holder can be directly embedded in orbit, make the lamp holder can be lateral movement in order to adjust the light projection position, compared with the traditional lighting with small size, less power consumption, high luminous efficiency, easy to adjust, and the advantages of mobile location.
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