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How to install downlight fixtures?

How to install downlight fixtures?


Downlight fixtures body adopts metal material as a whole molding process and the combination of flame retardant PC material. The metal material department is processed by polishing, oxidation and baking paint to make the appearance smooth and textured. Improve downlight fixtures product quality. Intelligent IC drive, cross current constant voltage, overload protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, using the built-in drive scheme, the shell is made of flame retardant PC material.Let's see how the downlight fixtures are installed.


Method of installing downlight fixtures


Taiwan crystal/SAN - an lamp is adopted, and COB lamp beads with high light efficiency and high finger display are adopted. The reflectance of the reflective cup is up to 95%+, and the transmittance of the v-shaped light conducting lens is up to 95%+ with imported PC material. The precision injection molding ensures that the light spot is more round and the light is more uniform.

 downlight fixtures

Downlight fixtures brand


LED downlight fixtures brand: LED downlight fixtures installation procedures include the track, the lamp holder installed in the track, the lamp holder fixed on the lamp holder, the lamp installed in the lamp holder. Two conductive plates are arranged at the top of the track and a long strip of groove groove is arranged at the bottom of the track.


Installation preparation: for important safety issues, remember to turn off the main power supply to ensure safe operation after the power supply has been turned off.


Next, check the wiring and track, and confirm that the track has been installed at the installation lamps. If not, install the track there first. Since the track needs to bear the weight of the installed lamps for a long time, the strength and tightness of the track should be paid attention to during the installation to ensure the reliability.


After the track is installed, install the conductive head near the wiring place at the end of the track. Be careful to tighten the screws. Can begin to install shoot light next, embed lamp holder directly inside orbit, make this lamp holder can be moved laterally in order to adjust lamplight to project a position, compare traditional photograph to have the advantage of small volume, consumption of electricity is little, luminous efficiency is high, can adjust conveniently and move position.


Installation precautions: load the spotlights into the proper place of the track. Note that the track matches the connector of the led downlight. There should be certain directionality when the track and connector are assembled: after installing the spotlights, adjust the horizontal and vertical angles of the lamps according to the position of the projected objects, so as to ensure that the spotlights can project the illuminated objects fully and effectively. The installation method looks quite complicated, but actually it is quite simple to do.


Factors affecting the service life of LED downlight fixtures panel lamp


One, the use of the lamp bead, we all know that the chip of the lamp bead is to have copper wire and iron wire more, copper wire is better than iron wire chip, the service life is also much longer than iron wire chip, all we choose the lamp why the same lamp has two kinds of unit price is this reason.


Second, the power factor of the power supply, this factor is very important, if the power factor of the power supply is very low, the power saving is very poor, a good power supply can not only have good power saving ability, can play the protection measures of the lamp, when the voltage is unstable, it can be very good to prevent the damage of the lamp of the unstable current.


3. Heat dissipation effect. If the heat dissipation design of a lamp is not good, it will also affect the service life of led downlight fixtures panel lamp.


Ballast is the heart of led panel lamp, it is directly related to the lamp life. At present, a good led panel lamp generally USES IC drive cross-flow power supply, with short circuit, short circuit, overload and other protection functions, very safe and stable, can guarantee the lamp's life. The ballast of some lamps USES the solid waterproof irrigation glue, have very good waterproof, heat dissipation effect, but do not have the protection function of former one kind. And inferior led panel lamp USES inferior irrigation glue, some even the tar that infuse, cannot guarantee the life of the lamp at all. When selecting, must pay attention to the ballast quality.

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