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How to do the disinfection of ultraviolet sterilization lamp?

How to do the disinfection of ultraviolet sterilization lamp?


Ultraviolet sterilization lamp is commonly used in the place that is easy bacterium to breed, wait for dim and moist place such as kitchen, toilet, also can be used in the space that requests taller to the environment quality, wait for medical treatment place such as ward, operating room. Nowadays ultraviolet sterilization lamp also applies commonly in a few electric appliance product inside, for example air purifier, new fan, clothings is taken care of the indoor purify installation and clothings to take care of disinfection installation, everybody knows ultraviolet sterilization lamp is to be able to kill a few bacterium, but know how to do the disinfection job of ultraviolet sterilization lamp not necessarily?

The disinfection of ultraviolet sterilization lamp main points

Because what we use to air disinfection is ultraviolet light, because this must ensure lamp tube above all intact and correct use, want to stop monitoring to lamp tube regularly again at the same time, the intensity of lamp tube of ultraviolet ray is lower than 70uwc/ line should change in time. Should insist that the lamp tube is clean. Lamp appearance every 1~2 weeks with alcohol cotton ball light test, remove dust and oil, in order to reduce the influence of ultraviolet penetration.

Lamp tube should be taken gently gently put, after turning off the light, turn on the light immediately, can reduce lamp tube life, should be cooled 3 1 4 minutes to open again, can use continuously 4 hours, but ventilated come loose heat is good, with insisting lamp tube life. The cleanness that should insist cure room at any time is dry, the special duster cloth after soaking with antiseptic fluid wipes cure room everyday. Mop the floor with a special mop.

Standard ultraviolet lamp daily monitoring cancellation items, it is necessary to achieve the room, the light stop cancellation, cancellation of the lamp set in the opening date, daily disinfection time, cumulative time, signature of the performer, intensity monitoring cancellation, request disinfection after careful record, so that the implementation and record adhere to differences. For the newly used lamp tube, the ultraviolet intensity indicator card or intensity monitor shall be used to measure the intensity of the lamp tube to ensure that the intensity of the new lamp tube is above the 100. W /c line.

After changing the new lamp tube, the mould using time began to time again, the cumulative use time of the lamp tube reached 1000h, timely contact with the hospital infection monitoring staff to stop the light intensity monitoring, if qualified continue to use, unqualified timely change the lamp tube, in order to ensure the ultraviolet lamp to obtain disinfection effect. When air disinfects, open all cupboard door drawer to wait. In order to ensure the sufficient exposure of all Spaces in the treatment room, get the reflection of ultraviolet ray, disinfection as far as possible no dead Angle.

ultraviolet sterilization lamp

Precautions for using ultraviolet sterilization lamp

What demand prompts is, ultraviolet lamp tube has certain life, when using, want to notice to change lamp tube in time. According to the requirements of GB/T 19258-2012 specification, the service life of the ultraviolet lamp tube is not less than 5000h, the uniform service life is 8000h, and the high-performance product can reach more than 10,000 hours. Initiative consumer, every 1-2 years change, and every two weeks with alcohol wipe lamp tube surface surface, in order to ensure the radiation intensity of ultraviolet ray.

Use ultraviolet sterilization lamp to want to control skill as a result of the destroy action of ultraviolet ray to biological cell, when using ultraviolet sterilization lamp, want to pay attention to do not want to reflect directly to human body skin, do not use the eye to look straight at lamp tube more. Under the premise of ensuring safety, how to use ultraviolet sterilization lamp scientifically and effectively? Rayven said, to pay attention to the position, create the best environment for use, and pay attention to the use time.

As a result of ultraviolet ray penetrates ability to be very weak in the air, it is very difficult to reach far space sterilization ability, so when using ultraviolet sterilization lamp, want to be placed in main sterilizing position as far as possible, for example indoor in the middle, or the place that is easy to breed bacterium, interval is all round 1.5m-2m advisable. Attention should be paid to the effect of the environment on the bactericidal effect. Under normal conditions, the temperature between 27℃ to 40℃ ultraviolet output intensity is the largest, the bactericidal effect is the best, in addition to ensure the use of clean and dry environment, a large number of moisture and dust in the environment, will have interference with ultraviolet and weaken the effect, reduce the practice of ultraviolet intensity.

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