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How to choose ultraviolet sterilization lamp?

How to choose ultraviolet sterilization lamp?


UV lamp is the abbreviation of ultraviolet lamp, and UV is the abbreviation of Ultra-Violet Ray. This ultraviolet sterilization lamp is mainly used to take advantage of the characteristics of ultraviolet rays for photochemical reactions, product curing, sterilization, medical inspection, etc.

    In the application of surface sterilization, UV surface sterilization devices are widely used in schools, hotels, hospitals, gymnasiums, food, electronics, semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, plasma TVs, crystal vibrators, precision devices, chemicals, medicine, health care, biology, beverages , Agriculture and other fields. The UV light source illuminates the surface of food, materials, etc., which has a fast, efficient and pollution-free sterilization effect, thereby maintaining the high quality of the product. Compared with traditional sterilization methods, surface sterilization has the characteristics of fast sterilization speed, continuous treatment and batch treatment, simple operation, environmental protection and no secondary pollution

ultraviolet sterilization lamp

    Ultraviolet disinfection lamps are also called ultraviolet sterilization lamps and ultraviolet fluorescent lamps. A ultraviolet sterilization lamp for sterilization and disinfection using ultraviolet sterilization. The ultraviolet sterilization lamp radiates ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 253.7nm. The ultraviolet ray has the strongest sterilization ability, and can be used for disinfection and sterilization of water, air, clothing, etc. The specifications of ultraviolet disinfection lamps commonly used are 15W, 20W, 38W and 55W, and the use voltage is 220V. It is mainly used for disinfection and sterilization of personnel, and is generally installed in disinfection dressing rooms, veterinary rooms and laboratory. The bacteria and viruses carried on the clothes can be killed by the ultraviolet disinfection lamp for about 5 minutes. It can also be used for air disinfection of laboratories and operating rooms that require clean air. Irradiation can kill bacteria in the air for about 30 minutes. UV disinfection lamps are mainly divided into high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure. Disinfection applications are mainly based on low pressure. According to national standards, the average life expectancy is 8000 hours. Some excellent products have reached 13,000 hours of life

    The lamp tube is made of quartz glass or other glass with high ultraviolet transmittance, and the power is 55W, 38W, 20W, 15W, etc. The intensity of 253.7mm ultraviolet radiation (measured at a distance of 1m without a reflector) is required for new lamps shipped from the factory: power> 30W lamp, intensity ≥ 90Wcm2, power> 20W lamp, intensity ≥ 60μW / cm2; power 15W lamp, intensity ≥ 20W / cm2; because this lamp radiates 253.7mm ultraviolet rays, it also radiates a part of 184.9nm ultraviolet rays, so it can produce ozone

    Our Rayven UV lamps are major with 38W & 55W, can be installed with Ozone or Ozone-Free UV tubes, and our UV lamp have already got CE approval, and under SAA, ETL, cETL, FCC approval. Due to our UV lamp is portable desk lamp, which is widely use for the schools, gyms, hotel disinfection.

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