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How to choose led spotlights?

How to choose led spotlights?


LED spotlights can be said to be very popular nowadays. Whether as an artistic light source or as a direct lighting fixture, LED spotlights have an irreplaceable and increasingly important position. Many people don't know how to choose LED spotlights when they buy LED spotlights. Below, Rayven led spotlights manufacturers will answer for you how to choose LED spotlights.

Whether it is home lighting or commercial lighting, we roughly divide the lighting design into two types: design with main light and design without main light. The main lamp design refers to the lighting combination of main lamp (chandelier, ceiling lamp and other relatively large lamps) + auxiliary lamp (table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, downlight and other small lamps), but without main lamp design, It mainly uses spotlights, downlights, light strips, and auxiliary lights to design the lighting of the entire space.

Among them, LED spotlights are designed without a main light, or even an indispensable illuminator in a design with a main light.

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Tips for choosing LED spotlights

1. LED spotlight driving

As the core component of LED spotlights, the brand and quality of the driver often determine its lighting effect and service life. When we choose LED spotlights, we might as well read the manual carefully, or consult the store to learn about the brand and grade of the driver.

2. LED spotlight chip

The importance of the LED spotlight chip is that it directly affects its brightness, life, light decay, etc., and has the same importance as the driver. To be honest, in the lamp chip, we still think that the domestic big brands are more reliable than the imported ones. Some unknown small road products are not recommended.

3. The appearance of LED spotlights

It's like we said: Buying clothes to look at pockets, buying shoes to look at shoelaces is the same. High-quality LED spotlights should be good from the inside out. For example, we touch it with our bare hands to see if it has a smooth appearance, with obvious scratches and burrs from cutting hands. Shake it slightly to hear if there is any abnormal noise inside. As long as there is abnormal noise, don't buy it.

 4. The body of the LED spotlight

Common LED spotlights are made of metal, PVC, ceramic, etc. From the perspective of heat dissipation, we usually recommend choosing metal and ceramic, but the cost of both is relatively high.

5. Type of light source of LED spotlight

The light source of LED spotlights is generally LED. Common light sources include energy-saving COB, chip wafer, halogen lamp, and metal halide lamp. The first two are LEDs, and the latter are mostly used in industrial and mining places and are not suitable for home use. . The most popular commercial and household LED spotlights nowadays are COB LED spotlights. Among them, halogen lamps have been gradually eliminated by the market due to poor light efficiency.

6. LED spotlights should pay attention to glare

Glare (what is glare and how to avoid glare?) is something that we must avoid when lighting any scene and choosing any lamps. We can often see the existence of LED spotlights in some commercial stores (without reasonable design), but often due to unreasonable selection and installation, the glare is widespread, which gives people a very bad feeling. At home, this situation is even more harmful to the body.

7. The brand of LED spotlights

I mentioned the reference factors for choosing LED spotlights, but in fact, many people will not settle down to study and learn. Then, we think that a more convenient way to judge is to choose LED spotlights from regular led spotlights manufacturers and well-known brands. Relatively speaking, the probability of making mistakes in such brand products is much smaller, and negative news has a greater impact on LED spotlight manufacturers. Therefore, they are more motivated to ensure product quality.

Moreover, for high-quality LED spotlights, common parameters such as color temperature, color rendering index, luminous angle, beam angle, and luminous flux will be clearly marked on the outer packaging. However, small factories and inferior products have relatively few manifestations in this regard, and these parameters are not even marked.

Application of LED spotlights in home lighting design

As a decorative light and auxiliary light, the role of LED spotlights in home lighting cannot be underestimated. It can add a lot of color to the room. If it is a modular home, choose one or several LED spotlights to install on both walls of the furniture, the lamp frame is vertical, and the lamp shade can be slightly inclined. If the LED spotlights are directly installed in the partition area of the modular furniture, it can be used for local lighting, but also can enhance the atmosphere, playing a "finishing finishing touch" role.

In bedroom lighting design, LED spotlights will also be frequently used. For example, it can be used as a bedside lamp when installed on the bedside, which is stylish and elegant with soft light. The height is generally parallel to the head when sitting on the bed. The lampshade used is completely opaque, and the light is concentrated on the illuminated surface, so when it is turned on at night, it will not affect others' rest.

LED spotlights can also be used as mirror lights in the bathroom. The installation location is above the washbasin. The lampshade can rotate freely, so a lamp can meet the lighting requirements. Wherever lighting is needed, turn the lampshade to that position.

 Now many people will try to use LED spotlights instead of heavy chandeliers to make the whole space look brighter. When the room is long or has a wine cabinet, etc., you can install a row of LED spotlights; if the space is square, you can install LED spotlights around the ceiling for independent control, which can become the main lighting of the room, but also It can be used as an independent atmosphere lamp to create a warm life.

In addition, LED spotlights can also be placed in walls, skirts or skirtings as hidden lighting. Only need to light the furniture and utensils with accent lighting to highlight the texture of the material and achieve the artistic effect of highlighting the key points and setting off the atmosphere.

LED spotlights are soft, easy to change, simple and fashionable. They are the best choice for modern home decoration lamps. Compared with other lamps, they have relative advantages. You can change and use LED spotlights according to the whole home style, which will not make us feel fatigued, and it will always make people shine. The whole home space is full of modern fashion and artistic sense.

LED spotlights are more than just selecting lights, it is a work that is both technical and artistic. If you really don’t have the time and expertise to identify LED spotlights, you might as well contact Rayven led spotlights manufacturers!

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