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How the LED lamp installation is more appropriate?

by:Rayven     2020-03-31
LED lamp LED lamp need to reserve a good installation position is more appropriate, LED lamp how to install, so to speak, the commercial ceiling lamps light warm color to move, appear the whole environment dignified showily, LED to shoot the light can not only make global lighting effect is good, but also local lighting, foil atmosphere. Take a look at the LED lamp under the seven steps, learning together! commercial ceiling lamps installed seven steps 1, plans to set aside to shoot the light lamp installation method is mainly embedded installation location, general plan according to decorate obligate line, make the decoration workers will open hole well, ceiling appropriate set aside to shoot the empty slot. 2, shoot the lamp to connect lamp is installed in place of an empty slot on the base, pull wire, fixed on the screw. Connection thread, don't forget the insulation treatment at the same time, after the lamp parts. 3, shut off the main power supply 4, note the lamps and lanterns is not belong to prevent fog lamps do not used in the bathroom and other places to prevent mist. 5, the two mini protective cover on the tracks and end side cover to be removed. 6, using the self tapping screw fittings and gecko will be two line mini installed on the ceiling of the track, and insert the mini track meet dateline of fixed in orbit. 7, pull out the power supply cord, received a driver input, pay attention to the connection is firm, otherwise there will be a great power in fever break even. Summary, LED lamp factory is to use leds as a light source to shoot the light. Traditional lamp used more halogen lamp, luminous efficiency is lower, more power consumption and environment temperature rise by illuminate, service life is short.
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