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High illumination lighting do to guarantee?

by:Rayven     2020-10-17
The height different space, the LED downlight etc. The beam width, intensity of illumination, high and low Angle of lamps and lanterns, light distribution curve of the light intensity distribution of light distribution parameters are different, so according to the project selection of lamps and lanterns of LED spotlights, etc, should be according to the characteristics of the height of space required for factors such as light index to the selection of LED spotlights, in order to achieve the ideal effect. And for high altitude lighting, as a result of smallpox ground height ( The height) Relatively low space is relatively higher, usually higher than 6 m, need to match the lamps and lanterns of need to have the following characteristics: cast light distance is closely related to the Angle of lamps and lanterns and light source in the first place, the key is to choose a narrow beam Angle of LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Because direct factors affecting cast light distance is the beam Angle of lamps and lanterns and light source. A narrow beam Angle of the light energy guarantee under the light from the sky into the ground, the diameter of the optical field can maintain within the scope of the need, guaranteeing the intensity of illumination. And from the aspects of the light source, different light source of light propagation distance there is a gap, the farthest is laser, light and LED light source, a distance is greater than that of traditional light source, so choose a narrow beam Angle of LED lighting lamps and lanterns is more appropriate for overhead lighting. Moreover, power is also need to consider the problem. Popular speaking, power determines the size of the lamps and lanterns of light and shade. The space of layer is on the high side, usually need to be more bright beam under the smallpox of lamps and lanterns, to ensure that the intensity of illumination of the ground, often involves the lamps and lanterns of Dan power of 30 w, about 50 w, 60 w. On the other hand, installation also don't ignore. To combine different smallpox condole top, to choose the surface mounted or embedded type. Usually the lobby of the hotel, airport departure most of the central hall, check-in area belong to the category of storey height higher overhead lighting, ceiling are usually designed to be higher in those areas, most cases are higher than 6 m above, want to provide continuous and uniform brightness, is on the ceiling to the requirement of light distribution application narrow beam Angle, power large LED tube light, point light sources. At the same time, also can use ribbon ( Such as lamp tape) Or planar ( Tensile membrane smallpox, etc. ) To design the lighting luminous ceiling, on the basis of the intensity of illumination standard, by lighting the entire space further refinement. Here to introduce a few received the very high rate of LED tube light, they have become the airport, hotel, shang chao deng standard lamps and lanterns of high ground. In addition, the surface mounted LED tube light and with the characteristics of the ground very long service life: 50000 hours, 525% higher than traditional tube light. Heat transfer black HDT technology + pure copper tube in addition, in this tube light, use the efficient pure copper tube ( Coefficient of thermal conductivity of up to 105 W/m - In the order of K, for general metal materials for hundreds of times and even thousands of times) Directly with the heat source, zero distance, the performance of the heat pipe play incisively and vividly, heat transfer speed in excess of the aluminum alloy heat sink, 200 times. In order to adapt to the complex environment of the installation, on the design of the joint, this is also used with the LED tube light tubes, hoisting and joints, as switch no burden, this is it able to adapt to a wider range of lighting projects. 如果- - - - - - IDL09060 series of LED downlight for smallpox condole top, can use embedded tube light tall space IF need to optimize the lighting area of smallpox condole top conditions permit, you can use the IF - IDL09060 series LED tube light, its higher power relatively ordinary canister light, 20 w60w. In the aspect of application, covering the height range is big, from 3 m ( Low profile) 20m( Ultra-high type) The space can be matched. Sound photoelectric embedded LED downlight IF - IF - IDL09060 series IDL09060 series cooling design also embodies the originality. Double integration of radiator reflective cup, make the heat dissipation performance than ordinary power tube lamp radiator increases about 35%. 如果- - - - - - IDL09060 sound floating photoelectric LED downlight series radiator structure in addition, it is the design of the diffuser is characteristic of PMMA. Optical PMAA diffuser plate, more make the light pass rate of 95% above, lamps and lanterns of luminous flux can reach 5100 lm, 60 w model) , a uniform light soft, exquisite and comfortable, especially suitable for airport terminal such standardized operations, to the full degree of illumination, anti-dazzle optical system are demanding public environment. To sum up, lighting for large space requirements, with the LED tube light, the embedded LED tube light is bound for the project make a set of illuminance functional applicability in the integration of lighting the ecological and economic world.

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