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High altitude application scheme of cloth lamp, lamp lighting

by:Rayven     2020-10-16
Is that have the closest relations with indoor lighting, the height of the different space, how to cloth lamp, choosing the appropriate LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Airport terminal, the hotel lobby, large business to wait, is a typical high lighting places, in the look at their cloth light, light. The basis of high altitude illumination belong to general lighting, space is in order to enhance brightness. Overhead lighting requires less type, more quantity of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns are arranged in smallpox ceiling, for the vast large public places to provide general illumination, flexible use of space, it is best to choose a more LED lamps and lanterns to effective utilization of energy saving. The light at the same time, the need to pay attention to the unity is tonal, cannot have a sudden feeling, uniform spacing distribution of lamps and lanterns, looked like. Can see below that standard, different height of hybrid space, choose different wattage lamp, in order to reach the standard, consistent illumination level. The height of the different space, choose the lamps and lanterns of different power airport terminal is the passengers, the entry and exit formalities, check-in, storey height is 7 - commonly 10 meters, the central hall is generally more than 10 meters high, and as the main lighting of the LED spotlights, shoot the light, to choose, more than 80 w power in place to ensure that the National Development and Reform Commission, the demand for airport 200 lx average illuminance standard. In addition, the terminal is to provide comfortable and fast service for the main purpose, so on the basis of the intensity of illumination requirements standard, light also make sure bright and comfortable, no glare, color temperature shoulds not be too warm, For airport terminal is the white light color temperature) is an optimal 。 Sound floating photoelectric LED with the tube light LED Ming canister light installation installed in the airport terminal live-action rendering hotel lobby for high space hotel lobby, in addition to a selection of the main light shored up appearance, but at the same time, the level of still need to use the LED spotlights, shoot the light based lighting would be more insurance. Hidden in the ceiling in this kind of lamps and lanterns, easily realized the concealment of lamps and lanterns. In addition, the hidden lamp with really useful, is not only simple, but with the other lamps and lanterns, Including the main light) Cooperation degree high, the use of it, coupled with canister light, the lobby of the integral illume administrative levels more rich. In order to meet the demand of high altitude of the lobby of the hotel lighting, considering the transition of indoor and outdoor light environment light source with 3000 k - 4000 k warm color temperature, so that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor light, make the person into the lobby time feels comfortable, and high color temperature, can enlarge visual space, give a person leave deep impression. In general, in the hotel lobby lighting design, the lamp with light cloth, it is recommended to use more and simplified collocation method, both the whole ceiling is not recommended use canister light illumination, also do not recommend use too much complex modelling of lamps and lanterns. Way is more concise air, won't make mistake, advocate the lamp + general lighting ( Tube lamp, lamp, lamp belt) In the form. Selection of type of lamps and lanterns: sound floating photoelectric deep cavity lamp models IF - S ICS0500 series sound floating photoelectric LED lamps with store atrium division is a buffer zone in a shopping mall and customer activities of public space, about 7 - storey height 10 meters, the use of open design to increase market open sense, improve the quality of integral space of market and hierarchy. During the day, the construction of the store atrium tend to use natural lighting + based lighting design, and arrive at night must rely on a lighting design. Sound floating square with the photoelectric tube light models IF - AE ICS210 series atrium space tall open stores at the top of the appropriate use of LED tube light to lighting lighting, lamps and lanterns requirements besides can effectively reduce the power density of the space, to ensure that the energy saving, high in the sky light penetrability, simple and easy installation program also cannot be ignored. To sum up, whether it's airport terminal, hotel lobby, or a large business to wait the typical high lighting places, in the height higher indoor lighting design, make full use of natural lighting at the same time, should be combined with the specific situation of the storey height, determine the type of good LED lighting lamps and lanterns, lamp wattage, cloth the key information such as position and number of lamps and lanterns, so can save electricity for these high space and maintenance cost, but also for consumers to create a intensity of illumination, comfortable, high standard of public space.
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