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For the LED track lamp do to best

by:Rayven     2020-03-20
Release date: 2020 01 - Source: http://www. gvanl。 com/news/97。 HTML with intelligent technology to deepen people all aspects of life, lighting products across borders has become par for the course. But rather than crossover to crossover and honesty in the first category, he is good at as a substitute. commercial ceiling lamps, is committed to be in the track shoot the category do all aspects to the model of optimal. Uniform light spot excessive, halo natural LED track lamp lingjinghutong to choose lens + reflector optical plan, not only the whole lamp efficiency is as high as 90 lm/W, and selects the hemispherical convex lens, supply more natural light. High precision plating reflector to ensure the beam more accurately, lens and reflector using a combination of the optical system, then you can supply more precise beam Angle. Multiple beam Angle, a variety of scales, sensitive rotating commercial ceiling lamps is narrow, medium and wide, wide four beam Angle, suitable for all kinds of lighting. Smaller scale range of lamps and lanterns, including all kinds of luminous flux, supply a lot of lighting planning suitable solution plan. LED track shoot the lamp holder is clever and freedom, can the level of 355 ° rotation, and straight and 180 ° rotation. The no stroboscopic light studies have showed that LED lighting stroboscopic negative effect is obvious. Long-term assignments may be in a certain environment, will feel the symptom such as dizziness, nausea, but out of the environment to the distant look, will feel all become comfortable. Lead to bad people reflect transgressions, most likely is the environment of the lamp. commercial ceiling lamps adopt professional and reliable LED driver, power factor is up to 0. 9, ensure no stroboscopic light. Good heat conduction, ensure the LED track lamp life choose reliable passive cooling, effectively dissipate heat through the shell from the LED COB chip. The die casting aluminum material gives excellent thermal conductivity of lamps and lanterns, the LED PCB large cohesion between the shell and optimization. By using heat to better software to imitate, and then find solutions to better planning, let the heat generated by the as efficiently as possible, make 'lingjinghutong' LED track lamp in use after 30000 hours can still insist on 70% of the initial luminous flux. LED track lamp used widely, the shops, supermarkets, restaurants and other places are visible. Relevant tags: for the LED track lamp do best,
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