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Eat hutch area to do the LED tube light?

by:Rayven     2020-10-17
In traditional household lighting design, restaurant ( The dining room) , the kitchen area, basic is not really pay attention to. In simple terms, is a light absorb dome light do everything. This brings a lot of problems, such as to face ( Chopping vegetables, cooking) To bring the shadow area, or that the space becomes narrow and so on. , here we introduce how to use the LED spotlights, lamp tape, such as new type lamps and lanterns, make household ideal kitchen area, make cooking, eating all have life interest. Bring in a lamp to absorb dome light to light in the kitchen? Low, the LED downlight etc exquisite lamps and lanterns is better! Restaurant droplight not iron with many traditional family in the restaurant area with lights, is a lamp that hang down object type droplight as the main lighting, such collocation is not iron standard! Your restaurant lighting isn't it? A lamp that absorb dome light fix in the lighting, but a bad experience. Restaurant on the lighting needs to satisfy two points: one is to see see food, but to see clearly. The traditional dome light cannot satisfy these two demands. In fact, the lighting design of the restaurant, we can pay more attention to practical. Much effort on the light, can produce full appetite. From the perspective of the replacement of lamps and lanterns, we can choose the appearance of embedded LED canister light, shoot the light, or light belt, etc. This can increase the space of individual character, but also highlights the delicious of food. Table in order to avoid too bright other areas too dark, can also add a floor lamp, or add a lamp tape, forming a space that the light is downy. Large kitchen kitchen, don't advocate the lamp more space itself is a relatively small space, if reoccupy absorb dome light, can appear cramped discomfort, light distribution is not in place: when you cut food cooking, you just block out light under the dome light, in the face of all the places in shadow, have to dark chopping vegetables! Actually, kitchen should adopt the way of all scattered point lighting layout, therefore, you can use the LED spotlights as the main source of the kitchen, bring, and cooperate with the lights to light the distributed configuration, create no dark OuDeGuang environment, the average illuminance on the 200 lx, cooking in the kitchen can feel better! In terms of color temperature, should use white illuminant, too warm or too cold will affect the judgment of the ingredients. Focus on the arrange stage and the top of the tank to increase, install a small canister light for local and accent lighting. Kitchen receive area can increase the contour light supplement lighting, install lamp tape is easy to take put objects. To sum up, remember one law, for the modern style of decoration, when choosing lamps and lanterns, appropriate USES cloth lamp of scattered points. LED spotlights and light is undoubtedly the lamps and lanterns of two joker, for other domestic outfit element into the room, also can create fashion, comfortable household light environment.

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