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Dining-room lamplight already sweet 'appetite' all by use of the LED tube light

by:Rayven     2020-10-17
The warmth of family is composed of taste, now, dominated the flavor restaurant lighting is more and more attention. As lamps and lanterns of LED tube light, and light distribution, is the restaurant lights the most two important factors that nots allow to ignore. Show refers to the ability to restore food affects the dining mood and appetite, light distribution can increase the dining atmosphere, the rationality and light. With poor light, low light color rendering index, such as to ingredients covered with a layer of ash, it is a good food put in front, also have no appetite. Bring comfortable dining-room lamplight, cannot leave the application of LED tube light. In fact, many traditional household was in a restaurant lighting, basic have random, not really pay attention to this area. Habitually do everything with a light/suction a top droplight, it brings a lot of problems. On the one hand is light color rendering index is low, let the food looked at color dark; On the other hand, due to the unreasonable traditional lamps and lanterns light distribution, the dining room table, chairs and other areas there is a dark shadow area, bad experience. Bring about the lighting, dazzling, and no focus, tables and chairs area still have the shadow! So, how to reasonable light distribution, improve the means, let eat more add fun? Restaurant meals chandeliers: fine light distribution scheme can keep the lamp is Lord is commonly used in traditional restaurant lighting lamps and lanterns, have adornment sex, height between light and table ( 1500px- 2000px) Among the most appropriate. Not only meals chandeliers, but should pay attention to, can not be finished installing meals chandeliers alone. Besides meals chandeliers, space of a lot of families is multifunctional, considering the dining-room space, the lights of the other areas are not fixed demand at this time will need to use the power of the LED spotlights, reasonable light distribution, anti-glare function, through the illumination supplement, avoid the depressive sense that droplight cause, not have interference on the dining table. Through such all scattered point light distribution, the restaurant can do almost no dead Angle illumination, implement a variety of life scenarios. Can highlight the dining area, promote appetite; And illuminates the operation area, avoid blind Angle one block dome light lighting, can highlight the delicious of food. High curtilage frogs show that influence ingredients of colour and lustre, simple sense is focused on another restaurant lighting, lamps and lanterns of color rendering index. High color rendering index of LED spotlights, will be according to the food to show true color more, higher saturation, the color is more bright. Compared to, for example, in the low show refers to the light color dark meat, when you put on the high refers to the LED tube light, plates chops texture suddenly came out, the texture of meat texture clear, tender texture, luster, an appetite is big. Black diamond series LED spotlights, color rendering index is very high, and support the customized production show that high models ( Ra> 90, the highest reached Ra97) , more fit to the restaurant, eating application requirements. Black diamond series of LED tube light to avoid unscientific light distribution bring AnHuHu illusion to restaurant meals, put an end to then use a light absorb dome light to dining room lighting. Choose high color rendering index of LED tube light, and USES the cloth lamp of scattered points, so that the restaurant area appears more warmth, more appetite, increase the dining pleasure.

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