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Comfortable LED downlight let a space more cure

by:Rayven     2020-10-16
In the fast-paced, multifarious life, maybe you need to put the mood, a comfortable home need space and light power to body and mind. Clever reasonable layout, lighting, lighting with LED spotlights, science, make body and mind to get better have a rest. Bring comfortable LED downlight let a space more cure found design create comfortable household tip: 1, use log material a clever home don't need too much decoration instead of spending heavily to complex to decorate, be inferior to choose to advocate material, get twice the result with half the effort. If want to make a healing home, suggest that choose log more material for decoration. This comes from the nature of the material, texture, with years of growth rings give household is a kind of advanced quality. Logs can be used for the floor already, also can be used to metope, or smallpox. Such as shown below, simple wooden walls give the house a garden atmosphere of leisure and comfortable. Modern furniture and decorative lighting makes its exquisite luxury. In an open approach to the new life space, bring simple sense, low sense of luxury. Find design 2, nots allow to ignore the green plant power not to look down upon the healing power of green plant, it is the key to healing space. But some people think put too much green plant in the home is bad to do, it also can put some simulation of green plant furnishing articles, or with a green plant to use elements of furniture. Below case, for example, a whole wall boldly adopted as green plant background wall, vertical gardens and green cute behind the wood of the integrated storage solutions. Material of natural original timber and concrete walls to create a harmonious theme, let an eye from the inside of the beginning, you get a little greenery nourish and relax. Found 3 design, soft light caress circadian rhythms in the human body biological clock according to a 24-hour cycle synchronization function, the sunrise and sunset together with natural light and artificial lighting indoor, to maintain our body's biological clock, this is the rhythm of light. Include a variety of physiological processes associated with digestion and sleep. It is understood that if the human body to receive excessive daytime and night light, or in the glare of the environment for a long time, will make melatonin secretion disorder, which can lead to changes in the body's circadian rhythm disorders. According to the visible light rhythm effect, the lamp directly affects the physical and mental health. Want to aftercare spirit, rest, in terms of lighting, is to create an atmosphere of warmth, peaceful lighting is given priority to. When choosing lamps and lanterns and the installation position of lamps and lanterns, to avoid glare stimulate an eye. Recommended no advocate the lamp design, with the aid of the LED tube light, lamp, etc. , improve the overall intensity of illumination, and has the level distribution of local lighting, make the space becomes clear. At the same time, be sure to put an end to the glare of lamps and lanterns, avoid glare. Choose a anti-dazzle performance better, the light even and high color rendering index LED tube light, Ra≥ 85, or 90) Very good, to make slow and comfortable home outfit. Its scientific secondary light distribution design, nanoscale anti-glare coating, can accurate, delicate screen light, fight glare, more joint human needs. Bring black stroke drill series, LED canister light decoration decorate, scientifically match light such as LED downlight lamps and lanterns, hope you can have a comfortable home to put feelings, with the power of space and light to body and mind.

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