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Classification of LED tube light?

by:Rayven     2020-03-29
For household lighting and hotel lighting, LED canister light not only has the characteristics of basic lighting also can have very good adornment effect. And good LED tube light can reveal your grade to render more comfortable environment. So common but currently on the market of LED tube light, LED to a lot of people don't know how to choose and buy. Below I introduce the LED tube light, and how to correct LED lamps and lanterns of choose and buy. LED downlight common categories: 1, according to the classification installation method: embedded led downlight, and with the type of LED tube light, 2, according to the light source classification: divided into LED strips light tube light, LED high power light tube lights and LEDCOB light tube lamp; 3, according to the site classification: home lighting LED tube lights, commercial lighting, LED tube lights and engineering lighting led downlight, 4, according to the light source anti-fog categories: ordinary LED tube lights and anti-mist LED tube light, Choose the LED tube light is mainly from three aspects to consider: 1, the radiator of lamps and lanterns: can quickly heat directly affect the working life of the lamps and lanterns and light failure. 2, the driving power of lamps and lanterns: drive power supply in the role of the lamps and lanterns is as important as the heart of the people, the power of good or bad will affect the service life of lamps and lanterns. The power supply is good constant current power supply, strong stability. 3, lamp beads: different lights, lighting effect and color are different, the good lights, brands are: CREE, osram, samsung and so on. LED lamps and lanterns is compared with the general lamps and lanterns of several advantages: 1, high efficiency and energy saving: high luminous efficiency, LED lighting products brightness contrast is 3 times of ordinary energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp of 7 - Eight times. 2, green environmental protection: no stroboscopic light, LED lighting products good eyesight health, improve the environment of light permeability; No ultraviolet (uv) rays; LED light source all the components can be recycled, no chemicals, better for the environment. 3, long life: LED stable performance and service life of up to 50000 hours, the whole lamp life of up to 25000 hours, greatly reduce the cost of lighting system in the late replacement and maintenance, to save money worry. 4, good color rendering, color temperature can character customization: soft light, LED lighting products close to natural light, color can be according to accurately represent the object; The color temperature can be in the range of 2700 k to 6000 k choose by customer personalized customization. Conclusion: all the above information, to, the overall factors tailored for you the skills and knowledge, but as a professional manufacturer of LED tube light, warm prompt, still need to be according to their own needs to choose and buy, the above information are for reference only.
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