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Chinese style household use LED downlight with uniform advanced light distribution

by:Rayven     2020-10-16
Advanced film department is synonymous with fashion and avant-garde in domestic outfit is tonal, bring a kind of tall on the style. Taboo but the color is light distribution level problem, do not pay attention to is likely to cause inadequate illumination and dark space experience. So, we must be more effort on the lighting design in the department of film, with the aid of the LED tube lamps and other lamps and lanterns is scientific and reasonable light distribution design, brighten the whole environment, also will each furniture appears good side ( Colour and lustre, simple sense, etc. ) 。 Bring about LED spotlights, the main lighting is more detail, make whole household light sense of luxury. PChouse home magazine from the overall color of the sitting room, the sitting room is given priority to with white, black, deep coffee color, gray and low saturation, although look elegant and cool, but the color is really heavy, if the light does not reach the designated position, it is easy to have a dark sense of space. But fortunately designers apparently noticed this crucial point, so in terms of lighting using light distribution uniformity of high show that LED tube lamp lighting, to ensure that the light set up to every corner, brighten the whole sitting room space. Hang a picture and a few hold pillow, sofa, soft outfit, such as soft color and texture are ideal present one by one, give a person with delicate details. PChouse household magazine of eat hutch area this door also belongs to the typical pattern of guest dining room interlinked, so in terms of lighting design, eat hutch area will also be a consistent style of the sitting room. 6 small power led downlights smallpox area lined his uniform, and table set up just above the grille lamp, whole dining room area reached 350 lx intensity of illumination standard, to ensure dining pleasure. In addition, because the restaurant area of light source of lamps and lanterns show that the demand is higher, also for the plates of food color, texture, and choose the high color rendering index ( Ra≥ 90). LED tube light, to make sure that the dining experience, more have a delicate life sense of ritual. PChouse home magazine bedroom bedroom area, along the living activities of line will find the quiet illicit close space, no ambiguity in the deployment of lamplight, the light environment very have administrative levels feeling. Based on the widespread use of ga color bedroom and log color tone soft outfit, bed is tasted, the space used for the design of the main light, intensification of light distribution to bring more comfortable experience. LED spotlights, anti-dazzle performance in this appears especially important, put an end to the possibility of a dazzling. Set up around the head of a bed of two small lights, convenient for bedtime reading activities, a night activities. PChouse home magazine on the whole, in the case of packaging color, hard outfit, completely can use black diamond series of LED tube light, Embedded, small size) 。 Its appearance is grey silver tone, just to decorate with dark gray, and high color rendering index, high quality light distribution, high clean degree of light, and depth anti-dazzle performance, all the foil with high ash the beauty of decoration. Bring black diamond series LED tube lamp technology parameter table: full of expensive gas film is a household, it is the light distribution of contracted senior LED tube light, so that the whole space to appear mature and full of sense of fine detail. This is a courtship ritual feeling home should in some way!

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