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Bring high benefit, high cost performance to see the advantage of this LED tube light

by:Rayven     2020-10-17
At present, the high quality LED downlight maybe has a lot of, but face the problem of how to do the lamp and energy saving, but not each LED tube light can achieve! From the perspective of comprehensive consideration, high reliability, good performance, and the price is right of the LED tube light, Particularly long service life of economical advantage) Is the key to real benefits your project. Sound in this to float the photoelectric a surface mounted LED tube light, 如果- - - - - - IDL190 series) As an example, take a look at how it through high level of appearance, strong light, energy-saving, create a bright and canister light ecological world economy. Sound floating photoelectric models IF - with the LED tube light IDL190 series back to the traditional tube light, there is always inevitable defects in practical applications, such as large energy consumption, short service life, the dark area caused by uneven illumination, and has a bad influence on use and maintenance of late. In addition, this kind of tube light due to the problem of high reliability was not enough, often the actual service life than the theory of life shortens greatly, it is not to the lamps and lanterns replacement period, had been cut short, bring the huge loss on owner side resources. In everyday use, there is a very practical problem how pay pay not the electricity charge, and how as there are not enough bright lights! Therefore, in the development of tube lamp light source, the experienced a fluorescent lamp, metal halide lamp to the changes of the LED light source, is stronger than from generation to generation. In this process, the sound of floating photoelectric hot style with the LED spotlights IF - IDL190 series, arises at the historic moment. It focuses on optimizing the luminous flux output and energy saving design, high reliability, long life, good performance, can completely replace traditional lamps and lanterns. Sound floating photoelectric surface mounted LED downlight IF - IDL190 series of high quality LED light tube lighting effect is the life of the lamps and lanterns of value, compared with the metal halide downlight 45. 87 lm/w lights, LED with the canister light photosynthetic efficiency than its increased by 101%, to 95. 46 lm / w。 To his credit, carrying such a high photosynthetic efficiency, are low power only 120 w ( The same order of magnitude with the metal halide canister light for 270 w) 。 Long life, worry more economical in addition, the surface mounted LED canister light one of the characteristics of the ground, and they are much longer than the market with the product service life of more than 50000 hours, 525% higher than traditional with metal halide canister light. In addition to worry, save money! Dual joint, Jane, worry: the LED tube light, appearance design is concise and agile, installation is simple and easy, with expansion screws, in order to adapt to the complex environment of installation, and joint optional use tubes, hoisting dual-use joint, follow switch. Energy saving level required brightness contrast to a greater degree to meet scene, more economical to use the lamps and lanterns of quantity. The height of 6 m general airport terminal illuminance value simulation results meet the demand of 100 square meters of illuminance in just 12 lamp; Lighting function density value is far lower than the standard value, achieve the goal of energy saving. Look at the height of 6 m upscale commercial illuminance value simulation results: meet the demand of 100 square meters of illuminance in only 20 light; Lighting function density value is far lower than the standard value, achieve the goal of energy saving. To measure whether a LED tube light right, than other similar products is of high cost performance standard has a lot of, the degree of energy saving, service life and reliability is the core dimension, etc. Like the IF - ICS200 series led downlights such a high cost performance products, now has been widely applied to the airport and other places, create each functional and economic applicability combining lighting ecological world! Floating introduction note floating photoelectric construction, focusing on the design, the production of lamps and lanterns of the airport, hotel, commercial, office and other LED lighting projects provide the overall solution, for the domestic 6 big airport designated supplier of lamps and lanterns. Tel: 0755 - 86699010, 400 - 636 - Preach true: 7788-0755 86699013 contact address: nanshan district, shenzhen science and technology park changhong technology mansion 16 layer choose lamp web site: http://www. yinfu100. cn/
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