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Black and white minimalist new Chinese style, LED tube light LED lighting!

by:Rayven     2020-10-16
Senior ash is synonymous with fashion and avant-garde in domestic outfit is tonal, the reasonable application of combined with lighting, can make a big style. The lamps and lanterns, such as led downlights decoration, light distribution design also is very demanding, both need to brighten the whole environment, also can show the good side of every furniture ( Colour and lustre, simple sense, etc. ) 。 Bring about LED tube light, the main lighting is more detail, make whole household light sense of luxury. PChouse home magazine whole sitting room is given priority to with white, black, the original wood color, gray and low saturation, elegant and cool feeling, appear very able to bear or endure look. Sitting room and dining-room whole pattern is connected fully, tonal unity, furniture collocation concise and delicate. Pure is given priority to with led downlights lighting lighting, the design of the embedded, stretching the space. PChouse home magazine connectivity of eat hutch eat hutch area and sitting room area, the wood floor, hard gray, gray mirror, log lubricious metope modelling of wallboard. According to the lamps and lanterns is still the Lord for the LED tube light, the average illuminance on the 200 lx. Demand for cooking, require light color rendering index is higher, so that you can carefully deal with the ingredients, and watch the food in the process of cooking temperature. PChouse home magazine and in application area in the restaurant of LED spotlights, the lamps and lanterns of means and the demand is higher, because the colour and lustre, simple sense of the plate of food, promote the dining experience. PChouse home magazine came to the restaurant area, area of illuminance at about 150 lx. LED tube light, high refers to the light, the green plant items such as bright color is more bright color, whole space with fresh rise, giving space for more details. Bedroom bedroom area using ga color and log color advocate tone, bed log color, shallow coffee color, bed is tasted, gray curtain, make whole space mature. This space is also adopting main lamp design, with intensification of light distribution to optimize the environment. LED tube light, anti-dazzle performance in this appears especially important, put an end to the possibility of a dazzling. Set up around the head of a bed of two small lights, convenient for bedtime reading activities, a night activities. PChouse home magazine on the whole, in the case of packaging color, hard outfit, completely can use black diamond series of LED tube light, Embedded, small size) 。 Its appearance is grey silver tone, just to decorate with dark gray, and high color rendering index, high quality light distribution, high clean degree of light, and depth anti-dazzle performance, all the foil with high ash the beauty of decoration. Bring the black drill series of LED spotlights in high color rendering index ( Ra≥ 90). Under the light of the grey system hard outfit, the simple sense of soft outfit scene, feeling full details. PChouse home magazine black and white and grey is a home, full of expensive gas and light distribution of contracted advanced LED spotlights, at the right moment to harmony, completely not cause fatigue, this is a home should be like! Note: this article images derived from PChouse home magazine. Company through the production of LED lighting products, lighting design services, supplies and furniture decoration products, to the airport, the five-star hotel, villa decoration, commercial building projects such as provide the overall solution, is the Qingdao jiaozhou airport, chongqing jiangbei international airport, xuzhou guanyin airport, chengdu shuangliu international airport, xi 'an xianyang international airport and other large airport designated supplier of lamps and lanterns.
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