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Advanced grey house, need LED tube light

by:Rayven     2020-10-16
This is a residential lighting project, USES the advanced gray to move, is to commemorate the Albert park period of aesthetic design. After a series of building structure and the optimization of adjusted by gray system, full of expensive gas power to interpret the symphony of contracted style. The main lighting lamps and lanterns for the LED tube light, its can create light environment and the advanced thoughts of grey system. Was replaced by the modern five bedroom home after reforming, and shows the seamless integration of internal and external design era. For the LED tube light, dome light, such as the decoration effect of lamps and lanterns and the demand is higher, more needs to be able to hide the lamps and lanterns, have qualitative feeling lighting and environment be in harmony are an organic whole. Bring about whole tonal and emits light sense of luxury, downy and tonal gray complement the tactile element of whole household. This case is a typical northern Europe contracted household style, tonal and as consistent with smallpox condole carries on the LED tube light, the light deployment, of light color is the luxury of space structure and the low rate, careful, clever and Rou already meet the demand of the daily life, also made of common household life style. Part is on the second floor of sitting room, the average intensity of illumination for the 250 lx, much a few minutes the color of the tender, from the modelling of colour collocation to space decoration, all full of quiet exquisite beauty. Through the living room, connecting the restaurant ( The dining room) Is a member of the family together have dinner environment, fireworks more full of life breath, intensity of illumination demand is higher, About 350 lx) And better color rendering of light, to reflect the food color, to bring his family a good appetite. Images from the horseshoe interior design the location of the kitchen and dining-room also mutual penetration, this area also is open. For cooking function demand, require light color rendering index is higher, so that you can carefully deal with the ingredients, and watch the food in the process of cooking temperature. As shown, the kitchen used here is a small embedded LED tube light, appearance is delicate and cabinet, can fit with the environment; Single row four uniform cloth lamp, the intensity of illumination is also a kind of protection. In order to increase the light effect, the same corridor and stair cloakroom of skylight design has been adopted, simple lines and modelling reflect modern space aesthetics. A bit blue, celadon blue satin, private space atmosphere surrounded by soft color and easy warmth, empty spirit comfort, comfort is good. Bring the lounge are all using embedded LED tube light, also can coordinate with wooden top ceiling. To defend bath area, after the transformation of the three bathroom, area of illuminance at about 150 lx. And the area in front of the mode of direct lighting, indirect lighting, here mainly adopts hidden simplifies the complex space feeling, to fill the straightness of the bathroom, collisions with senior inky, dressed as contracted and fluent space, giving space for more details. Combination of the above several different points of the household space, according to the grey Nordic contracted theme, pay attention to the quality of the environment, both for the sake of their lighting to the artificial lighting level, to meet the specific requirements (the average illuminance on the whole space For example, 250 lx350lx) , but also to show that high, and there can be no glare, Affect experience) that occupy the home 。 Aimed at the actual situation of this project, can use INFOR black diamond series LED spotlights, Embedded, double color, small size) 。 It has silver, white, can be in harmony with the smallpox of log color photograph, and excellent light quality achieved high refers to, and the lighting is accurate, to ensure that the light spot clean degree, anti-dazzle also depth. Bring silver model is suitable for the light color fastens condole top technical parameter table: in high color rendering index ( Ra≥ 90). , anti-glare, relaxed and downy lamplight, the IF - OFL14400 series of LED tube light through the material with theme style is unified, tonal, echo the style of whole senior ash decoration. Through this LED downlight and the collocation of residential decoration project in terms of decoration, to experience the space because of the light and the feeling of no longer cold, full of sense of humanities, life breath, scenario Shared experience, and this is a home should be like!

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